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Unpaid Work / Need help creating a class skills
« on: February 10, 2017, 09:43:38 pm »
The class I would like to be created is called Knight but need help with the art work.
I'm really bad with pixel art and hoping you guys would give me a hand in doing so.

Layout of the class

Weapon: Spear (A str based weapon that stabs enemies 2 tiles in front of the user) and Shield

Block (D button): As a Knight, you are able to walk while blocking, but drains 1/10 stamina per tiles. 2% of the damage you've blocked during blocking will be given to the next Impale or Whirlwind you use as bonus damage. SHIELD IS REQUIRED

Impale - Level 1: The user stabs and penetrates all enemies 4 tiles in front of him. Dealing 1.2*str damage leaving a small portion of your spear's blade that causes bleed upon landing a critical hit. CD: 5 sec

Shield Rush - Level 100: Charges 6 tiles on the direction you are facing, knocking back and deals 1*str damage to foes during the process of charging. Afterwards, at the end of the charge the user deals 0.6*str 3x3 AoE damage and slows the enemies around the user. CD: 15 sec. SHIELD IS REQUIRED

Whirlwind- Level 200: The user swings the spear around him, dealing 1.3*str AoE damage, knocking back all foes. CD: 30 sec

Final Thrust - Level 300: Upon activating this skill, your next melee attack deals 1.4* bonus damage and causes bleed. If the enemy's health is below 50%, it will have 1.8* bonus damage. CD: 60 sec.

Barrier of Rejection: - Level 400: The user summons a 3x3 tiles barrier around him lasting for maximum of 10 secs. Rejecting all enemies that is passing through and reflects all projectiles. Barrier is canceled when the user moves. CD: 120 sec. SHIELD IS REQUIRED

Warbanner- Level 500: Place a Warbanner on the ground that last for 30 sec, giving 10% damage boost, -1 A speed and stability(knock back resistance) to all allies within 11x11 tiles. Banner will be destroyed on the 10th hit. The user is able to pick up and carry the banner. While wielding, it replaces your shield (which means you're unable to use all shield skills). losing 5% defence and unable to run. While wielding the banner. Your S key(trait skills) will be replaced as a stomping attack. An 3x3 AoE that deals 1*str damage.CD: 120 sec

Amenonuhoko- Level 600: (Coming Soon)

Thanks for reading, comment here or contact me at if you're interested.

Job offers / [Paid] Pixel artist needed
« on: November 03, 2016, 08:53:38 pm »
Hello guys,

        I'm looking for an artist that will help create a series of clothing for me based off animes like Naruto, Bleach,
Fairy tale, etc. It's a 2D game and payment is a fixed amount depending on the outfit. Please contact me at or reply here with your portfolio.

                                                                                                                    Thanks you,

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