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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the interest and messages. We'll be reviewing all of these early next week, so there's still time for others who are interested to get in touch.

Kind Regards, Gaz

Hi Seluine,

Loktarius above means he's PM'd me I think ;-). He's also interested in the position.

Regards, Gaz

We are seeking a talented, professional and experienced 2D game artist / pixel artist for paid work, to draw the game art including animated sprites. pick-ups, foreground and background environment/s for a new, unique side-on 2D game we have in development, intended initially for PC.
The viewpoint of the player would be side-on, similar to “This War of Mine”, “Deadlight” or “Fallout Shelter” for example. The game will feature human characters in a house/mansion.
The 2D style and quality we are looking for is something similar to Party Hard, Kung Fury (the game), or The Shivah (see examples below, and other styles we feel are suitable), but ultimately we are also looking for something modern, bold and unique, as well as high quality (something with a more simplistic style such as “Fist of Awesome” or “Not a Hero” does not fit with our vision).
It should be colorful and humorous, to fit with the light-hearted tone of the game.

Examples of stuff we like are provided below.

Candidates will only be considered who have similar art in their portfolio or are willing create some work examples. An ability to animate the sprites and characters is also important.
You must be able to communicate often. You must be prepared to go through some iteration in the beginning phase of the development, as we, with your help solidify a unique art style for the game.

We are also hoping to find someone to start immediately, and anticipate a substantial amount of work/sprites.

Please post or PM links to your portfolio if you are interested.

Thanks and Kind Regards, Gaz

Examples of stuff we like...

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