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Thanks guys for the responses! I just want to provide a quick follow up to my original post.


I tried out Allegro Sprite Editor and it's great. The earliest version I could get working was v0.6.1. Even though it's an older version, there is definitely an improvement over Character Maker.


Thanks for the GrafX2 suggestion. I think I might like this better than ASE, but I need more time to test each of them out.


That's cool that you helped develop GrafX2. It's a really nice program. Yes version 2.4 works, and also the WIP version of 2.5 works.  Also thanks for that long list of other useful paint programs.

General Discussion / Looking for Pixel Art Paint Programs for Windows 98
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:31:35 am »
I was wondering if there are any paint programs for drawing pixel art that run on Windows 98 (yes this is a very odd question considering it's 2017 and I'm asking about Windows 98). I downloaded Character Marker 1999 and while it is better than MS Paint, it has some shortcomings.

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