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Job offers / [PAID] Some 32x32 tileset needed [JOB CLOSED]
« on: December 30, 2016, 07:54:35 am »

In my project I have a simple tile set (cave with some green grass).

The graphics could really need some improvements and my project needs some variations.

This is what I need:
- An enhancement of the tile set below, where the graphics looks more beautiful and detailed.
- A versions of the tile set where the environment is a Spaceship (metal walls and perhaps some neon lines).
- A versions of the tile set where the environment is a Castle (old walls made of stone).

Here you can see some of the current tile set in action:

I'll pay 30USD for the job.
I'll own the graphics/changes you make.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully helping me out  :)

Job offers / [CLOSED] Pixelart (scenes) for a small zombie game
« on: October 31, 2015, 06:49:53 am »
[Job is closed. I have found what I was looking for. Thanks to all that responded to this post]


Hi. My name is Mikael.

I run a one-man game development company called Soluna Software.

I'm working on a zombie game and seek a good pixel artist.

Currently I need two scenes of size 480x240, preferable in png format with 3 layers (back, middle, front). More scene might be needed later on.

Scene 1: A pathway in a park. A big city in the background and some bushes and few other objects in front.

Scene 2: A street in a big city. Sky scrapers in the back. Houses and pavements in middle. Two cars in front.

See more here:

My budget is small (private savings), but I can offer 60 USD per scene. If your are an experienced and professional artist with a great portfolio I am willing to pay more. Good graphic is important for a game, so that is where my savings will go.

Delivery time: Before 15. Nov. 2015

You location can be anywhere (you send me graphics - I send you money).

If your are interested please answer this post (preferable with a link to your portfolio).

I'm looking forward hearing from you.


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