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Well, I guess it's gonna depend on the coder as well, so whatever you think would be easier to code should work too, like a match-3, a plattformer, I'm ok with that, I'm still into the 8 bit stuff (besides being a little bit easier to design + I don't really have much experience myself), so whatever it works!

Regarding time, since there's no budget and I guess we'd need to define a goal, no time limit, maybe a small project could work, I don't know.

Job offers / Re: PIXEL ARTIST/ANIMATOR NEEDED for Video Project
« on: February 07, 2016, 08:54:26 pm »
What about this?

Or maybe this?

I'm amateur but I know After Effects, Premiere, sprite design (basic, I guess), music as well, send PM if interested!

Hi!, this is me, a noob graphic designer, musician (a good one!), looking for a coder who wants to join me.

I like the 8 bit era of videogames, so I'm deciding to either start designing a game like Dragon Warrior (Or Dragon Quest) or Metroid (Metroidvania), both concepts would be 8 bit from beginning to end.

I can take care of the graphics and specially, music (heavy metal guitars, shred stuff, I record from my home studio, pro stuff) and design sprites, gifs, menus, maps, everything graphics, ALL BY SPRITES.

But I don't code, so I'm looking for somebody who want do it, in the end it would be a 50-50 project/company/whatever this is, I intend to release this project to some platform (maybe IOS?, steam?) to make the game profitable for both of us, but that would something to discuss once somebody wants to participate on this.

About the games:

I know and I've played enough of both RPG and Metroidvania to know the concepts to cover, so here I go:

1.-Dragon Warrior style: It would be NES like, not 16 bits, kind of simplistic, based on pixel art and plot.

With a huge overworld, different towns, weapons, as I said, I'll make sure the 8 bit aspect remains there.

Music, however, won't be chiptunes (because I want to appeal gamers to good hard rock, guitar tracks instead).

2.-Metroidvania style:  Ever heard of Environmental Station Alpha?, that's basically it.

Minimap, bigger than that game, or Metroid for the same matter.

Music would fit better here.

Both projects would be 8 bit.

3.-If we worked on a mobile game, I was thinking in some platformers where you have levels to choose from and unlock them as you go (Like Angry Birds), to start thinking as a profitable game later.

Either way, that's what I was looking for, as I said, sprites, gifs and specially music would be my main contribution to the game, I can take care of the plot as well, but maybe we should work on it together.

I'm not planning on working on it right now, just started seeing what can and can't be done, so if you are just starting with coding, maybe you feel interested, or you could ask later when you feel more confortable, I wouldn't say we'd be a company, but a team or something??

Well, ciao.

Portfolios / Guitar Fantasy Concept Idea
« on: September 11, 2015, 06:27:04 am »
Hello guys, I recently started to get just a lil bit more serious about sprite animation (for music purposes)

Anyway, I made this video some time ago with After Effects and building sprites, hope you like it.

PD If you need guitar oriented music for your games, let me know!!

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