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I posted something similar to this but the opposite as i am looking for a pixel artist instead of a coder.

Here is the link:

I'd love to work with you, i would be coding in gamemaker language which is exportable to apk (google play).

I think option 2 is what you are looking for, unpaid work in which we share the profit.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Option 1: Coder looking for work done in game maker language (very proficient)
Option 2: Coder looking for pixel artist to work with me on ANY style of 2D game (top down, platform, fighter, etc) in which their would be no pay except 50% of the profit made from the game and you would be credited as lead artist - the game would either be listed on the app store or as a PC game.

Hey there, I'm a student that is very proficient in game-maker language and I've always tried making my own games but I always struggle and end up giving up because I'm not a very good artist. Creating pixel art animations for character movement and such can be very difficult sometimes for me and thus I'm looking for my other half. I need work which is done in game-maker pro and the art is already provided or done by others, or I need someone who can make art with me so we can work together on a 50/50 split profit project. There would be no pay for the artist other than 50% of the profit made from the game once we would be finished developing it. I already have the code laid down for a 2d sidescroller and a top down shooter but I need an artist that can work with me to bring these games to life.

If you are interested in working with me email me at: or reply here. Hope to here from you soon. Thanks!

Job offers / Re: [PAID] Seeking Programmer for a 2D Platformer Game!
« on: August 11, 2015, 09:51:23 pm »
Hey, I am a very experienced programmer in GML and i've always wanted to work on a 2d platformer game of my own (its in the works) but my skills in pixel art are limited compared to my skills in coding. i see that noone has posted here in a month or so because there aren't many  coders on this website but if you are still looking for work i am happy to work with you in GML.

hey, you should specify which type of coder you are looking for as there are different types of languages, I could do some coding work for you but it would all be done in a specific program which you have to chose.

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