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[EDIT: Thank you soo much for everyone who has responded and given me the chance to look their portfolios!

Greetings my name is Andreas and I am the President of Metal Weave Games, a tabletop RPG company.
For this special project, I am making a licensed tabletop RPG that features a specific pixel-art IP. 
I am looking for artists that can emulate the HLD style and aesthetic for...reasons that I haven't made public yet.

Project: Pixel Art Tabletop RPG
Description of Project: This project will feature three different parts.
   1) Static images that will be used in the book,
   2) static images that will have minor animation (this will be used for social media purposes),like the HLD image below

   3) static and animated tile assets that will used for virtual tabletop (VTT) formats. like the HLD image below

Experience/Budget/Rates: For this project I am leaning towards more experienced artists, especially those who can emulate the HLD style. I will pay the amount based on the artist's personal rate (I'm not used to setting a flat rate yet, its how I worked in the past with other artists). I have a budget to develop a few key images and define the style of the book. After which I will kickstart the project to gain additional funding to build out the rest of the book.
Contact Information:

Work References: I've worked quite a bit with Angus Doolan which could vouch for me as an employer

Job offers / [Paid] Baby Bestiary Sprites (Closed for now)
« on: April 22, 2015, 05:50:19 pm »
Hey Everybody, I am Andreas Walters, the creator of the Baby Bestiary Tabletop RPG Kickstarter.

For promotional purposes I would like to get some of these adroable guys turned into sprites (and potentially even add some animation to them).
I am new to the pixel art insdustry, so I apologize for not knowing the difference in skill, complexity and cost

To start off, I'm looking at just developing the Owlbear Cub and Griffin Hatchling into sprites im guessing around 150x150 (maybe 200x200pixels), but im unsure of the costs.

Budget wise, I have a $300-500 total I can drop on the project, I am just unsure what to expect price-wise

Please contact me at walters.andreas(at)
I will also be monitering this post if people chime in to help me clarify my needs

Thanks! (sorry first post, hope I did this right)

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