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There will always be quality critique from people with greatly varying personal tastes and often good skill.
If one does not wish to improve, there is always DeviantArt.

I've been on there for 4 years... so...

Personally, I wouldn't have left a critique here since it was pretty clear the intent was to share, not ask for a critique. Eh, damage has been done.

Lol... pretty much.

Never take critique personally; everyone wants you to improve and get better. If something you're doing is wrong it's better to be told it, rather than continuing to perpetuate that mistake only to find it's been detracting from your work.

I've found that critique can be really helpful in giving you a more objective view on a piece/body of work; sometimes we all find ourselves at a stage where we're "settled" with what we do and that can promote resting on one's laurels and complacency.

I know that part. Just that.. it kinda feels unusual being critiqued in that type of way... sounds more rude than helpful. It would be better if they did it more politely. Plus i'm kind of feeling a bit stupid when people say this is the wrong place to post this and not even directing me where to because I can't tell where to exactly put this at specifically.

This forum specifically is built with the intention of providing critique for people.

If you are JUST looking to share artwork and NOT looking for critique I would post in theDaily Sketch forum

I would also like to mention that the critique provided here can be harsh, especially if you are proud of your work. However you will always get quality, meaningful critique that is meant to build you up more as a pixel artist rather than put you down.

//sigh yeah if I knew that before, maybe I wouldn't be feeling like crap.  -_-

i think you should give up this process of time consuming dithering between the lines and just try painting the forms instead.
go back to basics and follow the standard process of defining your light sources and ambient light, block in the light and dark, block in your colours, start with larger brush sizes then refine...

Well uh... it's a bit too late for that now...  = .=  plus I have plenty of time....

Your color choices are really bland. There isn't nearly enough contrast between them for it to be worth it.

You should share the final image so we can give some proper feedback.

Then again, based on the way you presented this whole thing, I don't think that you're really looking for feedback. Maybe this kind of post doesn't belong at a forum like this.

That critique is leaving a pollution of a saltiness into this post...  i'm a bit rusty at pixel art plus don't bash me for my color choices.. I used the colors from the actual 3D I made of her. (which is probably my best one I've made recently and actually finished.. for once)  And I'm a bit new.. and not very "Great" at forums... Honestly I'm just proud about how it looks... just wanted to share my achievement... or whatever. It's progress... not really much of a time-lapse of a finished product because I sometimes slack around whenever I do certain things.

So who knows how long it would take JUST for me to finish the entire portrait

Also did I mention I'm new here...? :/

Hey there, this is a nice video; always interesting to see someone's process. Are you looking toe any critique? There are some things that could be improved upon definitely. The location of the nose especially. The eyes are indeed well done, it would be nice to see the entire image brought up to that quality.

Pheww.. I'm glad there isn't any hostility here.... kind of got some tough love already ever since I came on here. I tried on the nose the best I could  xDDD, since the girl i'm making is my recent OC...(which is rite dere in a 360) and basically she's a Human/Deer Hybrid Spirit. So... I tried to make it deer-like... and yeah.. it kinda does feel weird I'm probably gonna fix it eventually.. since it does urk me a bit.

I'd love a critique But I'm a bit defensive when someone insults it too much... even though they're trying to help me improve it... but sure.

(god I talk too much xDD)


I actually decided I wanted to make make my recent OC a pixel art Portrait.... Eventually I may decide to animate the eyes... since I love how they came out.

Music Used 【Listed in Order】

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts

Benny Mails - Western

First Aid Kit - Winter Is All Over You (Baauer Remix)


All done by scratch. Plus the Hands were a bit difficult... forgive me. XDD


Ah sorry... thanks for trying though ; u ;

I actually remember seeing this base on Deviant Art but It somehow dissapeared? Or something... because either I didn't add it to my favorites or... I might placed it into the wrong favorites tab.  ALOT OF favorites.

Please reply

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