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Pixel Art / Re: [C&c] Witch character concept (idle/run/attack)
« on: August 29, 2016, 12:06:39 am »
I did some more work on this.
Added a bit more colors for one of the directions.

I know it's not perfect but I believe the extra effort I put into it is worthwhile.
Also tried out Aseprite on this update.

2D & 3D / [WIP] "Revenge of the Love Bot Deluxe"
« on: April 19, 2016, 04:57:19 pm »

I still need to add the strap-on...

I have many things I want to change with this picture, but first I'd like to hear some thoughts.

Pixel Art / Re: [C&c] Witch character concept (idle/run/attack)
« on: April 06, 2016, 10:53:39 pm »
Thanks for the advice. Here's a small update:

I get what you're saying with the outline color. I could probably turn it down even more. I'll experiment some more with that.
I hope this is better than before. I intend to add more polish to the animation before adding in more colors.

Also, I changed the color inside the cloak because she was starting to look like Batman.

Pixel Art / Re: [C&c] Minotaur
« on: April 06, 2016, 08:23:48 pm »
I made another update to this.

I tried to take your advice into account. Made three versions and stuck with the best one. The game is quite orthographic in nature but I like to have a little perspective.
I went ahead and added some shading etc. I'll probably have to redo most of it if I'm not totally mistaken about this forum :P

Pixel Art / Re: [C&c] Minotaur
« on: April 05, 2016, 12:48:32 pm »

OK I gave concept art a try and did these so far (I don't own a scanner so it's mouse drewn ^^):

First two (top) are very similar to the pixel version. I try to explain the "top down" perspective. What I really mean is that it's viewed from a superior angle or 45 degree top/frontal. I added a man too for reference.

Next two (middle) I tried to rearrange some of the body parts. I made the legs too small in the first one and the minotaur very tall in the second. Again a man for size reference. I actually like the second one although it's much taller than I intended.

Last four (bottom) are the original pose as seen from different angles. I guess I can begin to see how this is helping me grasp the anatomy of the pose.


I'll keep the other stuff in mind as well when I get back to pixeling.


This is better right?

Pixel Art / [C&c] Witch character concept (idle/run/attack)
« on: April 05, 2016, 09:03:25 am »


Attack (heavily WIP):

This is one of many characters I'm working on. It's a lot of work but it's paying off in the end seeing the character do it's moves in game. I have to apologize for the lack of progress on the last animation. It's mainly to show what direction I'm taking it in.

Think of her as a witch chased by an angry mob.

Still needs:
- Swimming
- Climbing
- Jumping
- ...


Would love some comments on the character itself, palette, and of course the animations.

Pixel Art / [C&c] Minotaur
« on: April 05, 2016, 08:40:21 am »
Trying to pixel a minotaur for a project of mine.



I'm having a bit of problems with this one. In particular it's super messy and inconsistent. I tried making some veins and chest hair  plus I'm experimenting with specular lighting. Light is supposed to be top down. As is perspective. LoL please help me out.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Seventyone unfinished RPG chars
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:36:21 pm »

A few years ago (~2005) I got the idea to make a RPG. So I drew a character outline and figured I'd base characters out of that. Top down sprites has never been my specialty but I figured I'd post this outcome of a decades worth of programmer graphics. Some are more awful than others. I'm hoping for critique nevertheless.

Pixel Art / Re: 32x32 Base C&C
« on: November 07, 2015, 08:49:13 pm »
I did a very small edit on down angle:

Up angle is fine except maybe I think the lighting on the legs as they go back are too high. To my taste.

I think side way angles are too exaggerated maybe. Makes him stand out much like a marching soldier. Steps doesn't need to be so big.

Looking forward to see his run.

Pixel Art / Re: [wip][nude] Misc topdown animations
« on: November 01, 2015, 06:53:07 pm »

This is what I've got so far.


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