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Job offers / [PAID] Need Pixel Artict: Making 2D 8-Bit Zombie Game
« on: October 05, 2014, 11:42:40 am »
Hi, I am Deandre,

I have a group of people with many talents, Our head developer is experienced C++ and Java, Our head music artist has the ability to create incredible music, however we have one problem, The only thing that the user is able to see, is the art of the game, We do not have the capabilities or tools required to make amazing art for an amazing game. This game is 2D and pixelated like all of the old NES games, we want it to be gory with lots of guns and weapons, we have the big idea and want to make this happen but we need an pixel artist to make this game possible. We will launch a Kickstarter and a good percentage of our game profits will go to you, You can obviously give us a price or percentage of our income you would be willing to work for.

The things we need are: Guns, Running sprites, an environment, and ofcourse...Zombies

Your help is really apreciated.

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