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Job offers / Re: [PAID] Need Pixel Artist for tile set edits
« on: December 30, 2021, 11:18:01 pm »
The position has been filled. Thank you for all of your responses!

Job offers / [FILLED] Need Pixel Artist for tile set edits
« on: December 13, 2021, 06:05:31 pm »
Ilmfinity is a startup studio based in Chicago, founded in 2011. In 2015 we released the popular monster capture game, EvoCreo, on mobile devices which quickly found it's way to the top of the charts. It was also selected by Google as one of the Best Android Games of 2015.

Ilmfinity is looking for a pixel artist who loves monster capture games and would like to improve and add to the tile sets in our latest game: EvoCreo 2. We are looking for someone who has a sense of how the overworld locations in a monster capture game should look and feel. 

Art Style

We are looking for a vibrant pixel art style but you will need to match the existing pixel art style from our current tile sets as well. The character will traverse through the world on a 32 pixel grid and tiles will have to be created or modified with that in mind. You can see some of the older maps from EvoCreo 1 ( to get a rough idea of the style we are going for.

  • Edits to all existing tile sets. We have a list of edits that have been accumulating and will continue to grow as we continue to make tile maps. You'd be expected to work through that list and create sample tile maps showing that the issue raised has been resolved.
  • Creating new tiles and/or tile sets. We may request additional tiles for a tile set or a completely new tile set. Your task would be to create the tile and/or tile set and create a tile map showing how the tile and/or tile set is used.

Term and Rate

There is no set amount of work as tile set modifications will be presented to the artist as they come up during map creation. We are aiming to release the game in mid to late 2022, so 6 months of part-time availability would be ideal.

Our budget can support a rate of $25-$30/hour


Please apply by sending an email to with a copy of your portfolio and availability.
Include the email subject: [EvoCreo 2] Job Application - (Applied Position Name)
In the email include your portfolio first then your resume and any other supporting information.
An art test may be required where experience and/or portfolio are insufficient.

Hi! Sent you a message.

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