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Hey everyone,

My name is Matt Boland and I'm a developer working on Super Roman Conquest, a recently Kickstarted side-scrolling strategy game set in Ancient Rome. My partner Tim and I worked at LucasArts for many years before the studio shut down last year and are now working full time on our first independent title.

We ran a successful Kickstarter to help raise funds for the game and now need some talented pixel artists to help contribute to this innovative title. We're currently looking for multiple artists to fill a range of different roles on the project.  Which role is right for you depends on your availability, interest in the project, and skill level. We'll list out what we're looking for below.

We want SRC to have dynamic, hyper-fluid animations completely unique in the side-scrolling genre. Here's an example of an animation pre-viz that we think sums up what we're looking for:

Conceptual, High Level Animator / Character Designer - This person's style will set the look and feel of all the game's character animations. As I said above, we've committed to giving the game a unique, hyper fluid look and need an artist to help define it. Once it's set, this look will pushed to all other characters / animations in SRC.

Pixel Animator -  This person will be tasked with creating modified versions of existing characters based on the look from the animation / character concepts. For example, animations using the same character model but with a different weapon or equipment. This person would also create some supplemental animations such as alternate attacks, blocks, and deaths.

Environment Art
SRC has a unique 3D side-scrolling look achieved by using a mix of 2D sprites and low-res textures on low-poly 3D objects. The player is able to maneuver his sprite army within the 3D environments to flank his enemies. Here's a concept paint-over of a map from the Pre-Alpha demo:

Conceptual Environment Artist - This person's style will set the look of the game's Ancient Mediterranean environments. They should have a good sense of how to use palette and tone to create a cohesive scene using limited texture tiling. Environments should fit with the style of characters shown above. Basic 3D art skills preferred.

2D Pixel Scene Artist -  This person will create custom pixel art scenes based on in-game events. One of the central design pillars of the game involves the player's choices to dynamic, in-game events. At the top of these event screens, we're looking to show custom art that depicts the situation the player is facing in a pixel style art piece. This could be something as simple as running across a merchant's caravan or as detailed as a sweeping vista of an enemy stronghold engulfed in flames.

I think it helps to describe them as a updated version of the pixel landmarks that would show when you reached certain destinations in the original Oregon Trail.

So alright, thanks very much for reading this and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have here or PM us. Please email us if you're interested with any applicable samples and your rate.

If you'd like to learn more about the project you can visit

We hope to hear from you soon!

-Matt + Tim
developers - Super Roman Conquest

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