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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][CC]A little kobold, struggling with leg/arm anatomy.
« on: September 26, 2017, 05:14:17 am »
Your help has been invaluable! My little guy gets better each time I follow your advice :)

For this one I did try to darken the far side of the shirt, not sure if I like it with the darker tail color though, (maybe I need to do it differently?) so here's both:

 I also toned down the nails on the far hand/foot and tried to darken the tail some more as well.

As for the stripes, they are supposed to be scales. Lizard scales rather than big bulky scales though. I tried it with dithering different shades earlier on, but I couldn't get it to look good in the large upper thigh area/tail area. The calves and arms looked okay but I figured if it didn't look good all over that I should keep it more consistent.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][CC]A little kobold, struggling with leg/arm anatomy.
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:56:58 am »
Thank you! I upped the contrast a bit between lights and shadows and you're right, it does make quite a difference.

Do you think they should pushed further? Definitely not going to look like the primary reference, but I'm okay with that now I think.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][CC]A little kobold, struggling with leg/arm anatomy.
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:31:52 pm »
I went ahead and did a bit more work on it, much happier with the legs! I didn't really change anything about the back arm, so I'm still not sure on that, but I think the legs are a lot nicer now.

Pixel Art / Re: Critique for Mushroom Monster
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:05:11 pm »
Much better on the eyes!  :y:

Pixel Art / Re: Critique for Mushroom Monster
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:27:31 pm »
The biggest thing jumping out to me is the eyes. They look like stickers just stuck to the edge of its head.  The edges around them should be darkened/shaped differently to show where they fit into the cap. The rest of the cap looks fantastic though.

Pixel Art / [WIP][CC]A little kobold, struggling with leg/arm anatomy.
« on: September 22, 2017, 03:29:22 am »
Thanks for looking, anatomy is so not my strong suit. If I have one at all. I'd love some pointers on making this guy look a bit better. I think the front arm looks alright, but the rear arm and the legs are both super meh. Maybe they just need to be more angular than rounded, but I had trouble making a good looking sharp angle at this size.

This was my original reference, but I've gone off-script with so much that it doesn't seem much help to me anymore.

Also, any tips on making this guy look a bit scaly would be much appreciated as well.

Pixel Art / [C+C]Wood Planks texture, half right.
« on: September 23, 2015, 01:43:03 am »

Hey guys, so this is a tile I'm working on for some wooden planks, and I think it looks decent, certainly better than my first attempt, but I still feel half of it needs more work. I like the way the bottom half of the tile turned out, the grain structure looks good (to me) and I feel like it looks pretty realistic given the size of the tile. But I can't seem to get the same effect on the upper half, and I'm apparently not good enough at critiquing to figure out what it is that's setting them apart exactly.\

Is it that the lower half has larger shapes, or are the color transitions between the grains better? I can see that they're smoother overall, but I guess I'm having a hard time translating what I did in the lower half to the different grain structures in the upper half.

This was the image I originally pulled inspiration from, the planks on the right look really good to me. Though I don't want mine to be quite so beaten up, maybe I just went overboard trying to separate the darker grain from the base color of the board.

Any help or insight you guys could provide to me would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

I use graphicsgale and make good use of the Custom-Grid function which allows you to set mark outlines at whatever intervals you want.
(2x4, 8x8, 100x100, etc.)
It helps to keep everything even when you are working on symmetry and the snapping functionality allows quick grabbing and moving whenever the need arises.

I haven't used any other pixel programs in so long that I don't know what some of the others can do.  If yours has something like that, it definitely helps.
That does sound nice. Is graphics gale free? or how much does it cost?

A pixel editor with layers may help a lot. Using one or more planning layers, copy-pasting measured distances might be able to substitute the bothersome pixel counting.

That's a good idea. I use, so I've got layers. Maybe I should make more use of them.

1 you take the groundplane
2 you find the middle of that line
3 you consider the fact that t he roof is on a different plane than the wall (dark blue line)
4 you draw the middle line and a line to the inner point of the roof
5 you draw the outer line and look where the end of the roof would be if it won't be obscured by the tower
6 you fix that line
7 you mirror those construction lines on your middle line
8 you draw a line for the lower point of the roof (vto the outer line)
9 you draw a line from the inner point to the other inner line
10 now you can draw in the shape of the roof
11) remove obscured black lines
12) remove help lines

you should construct everything out from the ground plane. THis prevents from the biggest mistakes.

Thank you so much. This will be a huge help in the future. This is my first isometric piece, and also my first larger scale pixel art. None of the tutorials I read mentioned the ground plane thing. Hopefully it will be much easier for me in the future!

I would also like to point out that all of our edits are a bit faulty, because the left wing of the temple is wider as the right. All of our edits assumed it is symmetrical, and it's not. There you have a corrected version:

Thank you! I knew something was off about it, I'd been having problems with some other places as well, but I couldn't figure out where I had messed up the dimensions. I don't suppose there's really any easy way to tell besides counting pixels is there?

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