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Pixel Art / Background perspective
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:43:14 pm »
So I'm having some trouble deciding on a cool way to display the background on this top down/birds eye view image. -- Please ignore some of the messy work and Non-PA elements..these wont exist when I'm finished making the image.

My dilemma is this: Should I go with a true top down view where you cannot see the horizon, or stick with the current perspective I have in my mockups already?

Here is an example of a top down perspective where you can't see the horizon.

My biggest concern is losing the majestic look of a beautiful sunset or night sky in the picture...another concern would be losing focus of whats going on in the center of the image with all of the little people.

I'm not sure on which route to take, please help!

 I realize the first images were a little cluttered, so here is the same image with less UI -- Maybe this will help who ever gives me advice.

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