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Portfolios / Re: NeithR's Pixel Art
« on: August 12, 2016, 10:33:48 am »
Added more samples from some of my published assets for sale.

Also modified "Will do" and contact info.

Portfolios / NeithR's Pixel Art (Status: Available)
« on: June 22, 2016, 05:23:15 am »
Hi everyone.

I am a pixel artist open for a paid work.
If you are interested, email me to

Will Do
  • Icon (size up to 24x24 pixels)
  • Tile (size up to 24x24 pixels)
  • Non-animated Character/Monster (size up to 48x48 pixels)
  • Pixel font
  • Pixel GUI

My Previous Artworks


Static Human Sprites

Fake Screenshot

My Game Screenshots
(Note: I didn't create the fonts.)

Samples of My Published Assets for Sale

Pixel Art / [C+C] Sorcerer's Kingdom Pixel Remake
« on: June 21, 2016, 06:57:28 am »
Greetings, All!
It's been a almost 3 years since I posted here.
Been busy with other stuffs and still trying to improve my pixel art skill (I remember I posted a thread too almost 3 years ago, will improve it one day).

Here is the recent piece I made.
It is a fanart of Sorcerer's Kingdom. An old game of sega.
I used what I have learned and references to make this piece.

What do you think? Critique and suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much.

Pixel Art / Re: Color Fruits [C+C]
« on: September 18, 2013, 06:14:45 am »
Thats good and I think it looks better without so many outlines.
Please don't misunderstand me though, I'm not saying all outlines are bad.
Sometimes they are useful as a separator where for example you can't control the background some sprite is shown against.
Generally you would avoid outlines on background art and tiles, but perhaps consider them on sprites (especially when you can't control the background).
It doesn't always need to be a solid line, sometimes its good to skip the odd pixel where you might not even want some part to stand out too much.
This is by no means THE way to do pixel art but I'm finding it useful for my purposes.
Thanks for the feedback again :).
Yes, I think some are good without outline. I saw it in a lot of games :).
I think it is good too for very small object.

That was my bad to confuse you there.
Banding seems to have 2 meanings but the much more common usage is what Ai is explaining.
Perhaps there is some exclusive term for bands of colour (maybe I'll just call it that).

That's okay because I understand what context you mean on the previous post :)
So, about the term, maybe "Color Border"? :)

Not really happy with the sword but there you go.
Started off some alternative style of grass which I've been experimenting with lately.
Also messed with the blood and monitor a little.
Awesome :D.
Btw, I forgot to tell, the plant I draw is tentacles plant.
So, I modified mine again. Sorry if a bit similar especially for the middle picture since I am curious about the antialiasing. When I tried antialiasing, the letter looks like really curved ^^;. I also modified the color again and the sword.

Btw, I draw something again using cluster again :D.

(The original pencil lineart reference is not by me. See in the desc for the source of reference)

Pixel Art / Re: Color Fruits [C+C]
« on: September 16, 2013, 02:21:13 pm »
Thanks for the feedbacks again :).

Thank you, I didn't realize that it was Mario-style xD.
Btw, I have read the Cluster Study Thread (and also read Ramblethread which was in that thread :D) and Cyangmou's post. Took several hours to read and understanding more of them all and I think it is really useful to me :). So, I finally tried it to remove the outline and tried to use clusters. The shape is still defined well even without outline xD.

Thanks for the link. I read that link sometimes xD. Well, sometimes I forgot something from there too. Thanks for again. About banding, yes I forgot what it was (I thought it was the edge of changing color) xD. I also removed the the banding on the big orange.

So, here is the edited version again which the banding is removed from the orange, the outline is also removed (only use clusters for defining the shape), and tried to avoid the banding based on how I understand after reading all the link and applied to the revised drawing :) :

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Just one Sword
« on: September 16, 2013, 03:29:41 am »
So, I am tempted too to make my own modified version xD :

So, here are what I did:
- Modified the color ramp to make it more contrast and reduce saturation to color which has very high saturation
- Redefined the lighting and shading based on the shape of the sword
- Made other version of color ramp but with the same sword. It gives different feeling to the sword when I tried it other color xD. Like the second one, it gives a steel-sword feeling while the last one gives the fire-sword feeling xD.

Pixel Art / Re: Color Fruits [C+C]
« on: September 16, 2013, 02:20:33 am »
@Decroded and @Ai:
Thank you very much for the feedback :).

So, I modified my pixel drawing again using both of your feedbacks:

It looks better than before :).

I also tried using a single color palette to all the fruit:

For the orange, I tried texturing again by more exaggerate some of the banding:

I also updated my previous pixel drawing using the same feedbacks:

Also, a new pixel drawing again:
- Platform Grass 1

Pixel Art / Re: Color Fruits [C+C]
« on: September 14, 2013, 04:56:23 am »
Here's an orange (warning: large image).
And here is the same orange in 16x.

I don't see any texture.

I wouldn't bother texturing something this size or its probably going to end up noisy, unreadable and flat.
The way you control the bands of light, dark, and speculars is more important to defining the material.
Try copying it as you go along and do several versions with varying contrasts, experiment with outlines etc, and go back and compare versions as you move along.
I duplicate layers myself to do this then i can look through the layers and compare them all.

Thanks for the clues :).
It will really help me when to decide when to use texturing especially when the size of the image is very small and when to control the band   :).

So, I have drawn pixel again and here are the results. It was different than before, but I have included the orange to test the texturing xD. But I will modify the 16x16 pixels again after this one :D.

Pixel Art / Re: Color Fruits [C+C]
« on: September 13, 2013, 02:17:11 pm »
All the ways of getting better are 99% the same as with any form of visual art. I certainly found a dramatic improvement in my pixel art through developing my general art skills via traditional pencil/pen work and digital painting.

For example, I would have given these same crits to your icons whether they were pixelled, painted, or done via vectors:

* You have differentiated the fruits through their response to light. Now also differentiate them in texture and sculpting. (eg you could roughen the orange in places, add a deeper crease to the pear, add some speckles to the blueberry..)
* Some of your color choices lack contrast. Consider calibrating your monitor (eg. via the series of checks at )
* try to avoid that banding (happens a lot on the banana) by exaggerating shapes and planes to be more iconic/less busy.

Thanks for the crits :).
After I read your crits, I immediately modified my drawing again (from several hours ago) :).
I have removed the branding by removing some color.
I have also changed some color for more contrast (I tried modify the color for contrast after trying the test from the link you gave me. It gave me some idea of the contrast of the color I shoud use. )

And for the texturing, I still don't get it why it is often turned into dither or noises xD...

General Discussion / Re: Read the Rules, then introduce yourself here.
« on: September 13, 2013, 03:36:25 am »
Hi all :D. Nice to meet you all! :D
My name is Vsio Stitched :D.
I am basically a programmer, but I want to learn pixel art more too so I can improve my own game better :D.
I have pixel art experience in the past but I didn't have enough the basic to draw my pixel art optimally XD.
So, I want to learn pixel art more xD.

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