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Pixel Art / Re: Jill sprite finished
« on: February 12, 2014, 05:15:35 pm »

Dam.. sorry everybody just meant to edit a previous post.. trying to figure this out again..

-edit- this was created for me by:

General Discussion / Re: Game Developement
« on: April 16, 2013, 03:52:40 am »
For people who know nothing about code and still want to make a game:

He has the most up to date tutorials on gamemaker and slowly introduces you to gamemaker code.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Platformer Sprites
« on: December 29, 2012, 06:23:51 am »
Don't know where I will take the art style for the platformer. It will either take place in the prehistoric period or in the far future.
Haha when i seen the second edit, i thought it was a girl from the far future(cuz of the blue hair) trapped in prehistoric period  :crazy:

I'm a complete amateur, but I want to learn how to pixel
Me too, Welcome to the forums  :)

The big problem will be animating.
Ya don't worry their will be lots of people on here to help you out

I like the look of your futuristic woman :y:

Just curious but what is the blue thing on her arm? a wrist brace? Wrist attached lazer?  :P

Here is my take on your cave woman character:

Looking forward to seeing your next post  ;D

Pixel Art / about to kick the photobucket..
« on: December 20, 2012, 08:34:08 pm »
animation software:
thanks for this link, i found it very helpful ;D

That doesn't seem to help you animating it, imho.
Ya, i didn't think it would either but i just did it that way so again i am forced not to borrow to much from other people's work.

Laying off the animation for the awhile, kinda getting frustrated  >:(
So tried again at this jack sprite. I <3 ppd jack sprite, but began asking people i know what they thought of it and i got some mixed responses. Some knew it was a bucket, others thought it was a pour spout (do pour spouts have handles  ???) anyways what i learned from this is that it need to be more square, or some people thought it should be.( i really don't think it needed to be more squre) But it gave me a reason to give this a shot  :crazy:

Although i still have a long way before i can do this. I am starting to work on a series of skits for my game. I don't know if ill go the route of meatboy and add them as cutscenes or start a youtube channel to help gain a fan base...
One i am thinking of doing is when jack gets to the beanstalk he starts climbing and there will be some farmer doing something in his field. He will then stop, pounds his pitchfork in the ground twice and chants "Deh-Shay Deh-Shay Bah-Sah-Rah" jack then stops looks at him. Then another farm couple come and join in the chant. Then a shepard and his sheep come and join in the chant. (The sheep pounding each hoof before chanting) Jack then looks at them with freaked out eyes and quickly climbs beankstalk off screen.


 i'll try and keep things relevent to pixel art, for next time. /edit

here i fiddled around with im a little more

Started with jill on this type of character design:

Hopefully these are better to see..

still working on jill, don't really know what to do the clothing, definitely needs a bit more color.
I don't really know if i am doing a good job with their anatomy,
i don't know if i should outine arms too? i tried it and it looked awful..don't know what to do about this..
I keep trying to incoroporate shading ( i don't know if i am using the right term here) with the jack character, don't know if this makes it look nicer or just messy
Less total colors.
More color re use.
Broader surfaces.
Thicker plane changes.
trying to go back and re-read advice, i think i am using less colors, and re-using colors (except for the handle of the bucket, tried doing the skin color but didn't really look right to me)
I think i have a idea of what broader surfaces are, but not 100% sure
thicker plane changes, again not 100% sure
Like does it mean that their is more color change, or make it look more 3d? hmm ???
references for these characters are just some sketches i got and ppd sprite, and my recreation of jill using ppd sprite skeleton. ( i really think i have kinda done it my own way here, but if i am still kinda going down the wrong path.. Please don't give up on me, let me know and i'll do my best to change )

-edit/update 4:21pm 22/12/2012-:

back at this animation stuff again..sigh

Really don't know what to do about the hands tried to outline them but all attempts seem to fail.
definitely need to fix since they seem to dissappear once by his side.
eyes could use more detail also, just starting to get into run cycle, just started with basic motion and adding in frame or two.
...argh re-reading i guess i still make sprites that look like their skating...sigh
back to gamemaker..
I just finished this, don't have time to talk about it or add more sprites. will later on

him facing away:

My current dilema..

here are my attempts to make a recognizable bucket:

All attempts to make a bucket have failed.. :(
so, i am now on to making my sprite jump

Not yet done still needs a few frames to make the motion smooth, hopefully on on the right track

edit/update dec 29, 2012:
for some reason photobucket not working for me, so i can't upload images. :(
But, after talking to quite a few people i learned alot about what i am doing wrong. One was i made the bucket with the handle to the side, which makes it look more like a cup then a bucket. Another was that i can go at this bucket one or two ways. First make the bucket with two side handles or make it with one handle. The dis-adv: of the side handles is that they take up quite a bit of room on his face, the one handle bucket is hard to recongnize it is a handle. another thing i am having trouble with is the wooden bucket itself. I think if i can get the handles right people will automatically think is a bucket and will no longer think it to be some sort of hat. But another thing i was missing was the metal band that goes around the bucket with. Though i am also having difficulties recreating this, i am making progress which is not the case with the handles.

edit/update january 3 2013:
here what i learned about the bucket:

I realized that my sprite was a little to advanced for me, and i was putting to much time into making this sprite then the rest of the game. So tried taking what i learned so far and went back to 16x16 and used 4 colors. Hopefully it looks somewhat of a bucket on his head..
-edit- first one i should be just back pixels like the last two, instead of showing skin

Started on my first tiles:

edit/update jan 4, 2013:
finished jill sprite:

jill is wearing a bonnet, with a dress, she has no shoes.

Pixel Art / Re: Back with new candle sprite
« on: December 17, 2012, 09:05:56 am »
thanks for your response  :)

First of all I get the feeling that you are not thoroughly reading what people have written.

yes, this is true.
I just had 5 exams at the start of december, i probibly shouldn't of been posting...

Learning is a process and if you would have sticked to your first character with the fez and done it to the extent that you feel you have learned something, this candleman would be a lot better and easier for you to make.

Ya, i can sorta see what you mean here. The reason i didn't continue with jack, was i kept feeling i would just keep copying ppd sprite. I did that with jack, jill and to some extent the wizard(giant). Every time i tried i felt i was just making carbon copies of a character, and wasn't following the advice of people on the forums.
You shouldn't just copy PP's work. You don't learn anything that way that you wouldn't from just looking at it.
This is why i just kept switching. I just trying to find a character that i can find out in my own way how to make a run cycle. Instead of copying people. Which i previously did.

I made this in a hurry since i'm in school and I didnt have time to make it look like its running properly, right now he's swaying back and forth. But that's just a matter
of tweens.
:'( how is everyone so good at this you did that in a hurry... mabe i should start doing things in a hurry  :P
Basically it got tripple the motion in your animation but with less frames.
Ya, i see what you did there ill try and incorporate that in the next sprite i do.
You just need to nail the keyframes
what do you mean by this  ???

Thanks again for your advice,  :)

Tried going back to making characters in orginal 16x16 here is the candle sprite downsized:

the blue is sweat, was going to delete it but ended up being lazy and didn't. red is fire coming off candle,(got idea from coffee) he kicking up dusk (from ppd) he's blinking as he runs.

If anyone knows any good animation software, that they use for their pixel art? PM me a link  ;D

hopefully you can see this better:

Pixel Art / second attempt at candle
« on: December 11, 2012, 08:21:35 pm »
Well, here i go with my second attempt:

It looks like i am missing a key frame or something or one frame was duplicated i am aware of this and will fix it later it looks good on my computer ill try to remake it into a gif, later on
Last run cycle i thought his legs looked a little too noodlely... so i figured i should make him more stubby
i don't really like the bounce in his step to be honest, but if you need it for the illusion to walk..

anyways a critique on this guy would be nice:

What you think he his?
his clothing?
Does he look bad or good?
What can be improved?
what just does not make sence?
If this is horrible i should just start from scratch again

all advice apreciated  ;D

Pixel Art / moonwalk candlestick
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:28:09 am »
mmk... after much fooling around, i made my first original sprite will no references. ( thats a lie i totally copied the flame from somewhere, i just can't find the picture  >:( )
Close your eyes :blind:, and behold my creation  :D

If he looks like he is running backwards, that is because i do things backwards  :crazy:
..... :'(
Me tryin to plan this sprite out...
me tryin to plan things out:
-edit-here is me adding bounce to his step:

//edit ptoing: please do not directly post big pictures like that which do not even need to be this size or are hard to make out anyway. Thanks.
-edit- :-[ K.

-edit- If people can give me a critique on candles, and the Giant (wizard) that would be cool.
I kinda know i suck at animation.. and that the running sprite needs work, but that is because i did not really look at ppd post just for trying things on my own and that what i came up with.
If anyone can just comment on character design and what you think i should add to them, if i am using the right colors etc.. I really don't care if you have alot of experiance in pixel art i just want to know what impressions people get from them, so don't be afraid to comment. :D
I don't have time right now but i'll add more to this candle running sprite like the flame dieing down when he hits the ground mabe and a few other things. -edit

-edit- found the link to the candle :D

Pixel Art / Re: Pimps vs Vampires; a turn based mansion crawler.
« on: November 30, 2012, 09:15:06 pm »
Hi there grundy  :)

I like the type of style of letters you used for your game, specially the vs vampire, like it looks kinda old english and i kinda think  of dracula when i see that for some reason. I like pimp too made me laugh when i seen it, with that big ass shot gun it looks like i would have fun playing this game. To be honest when i first looked at it the only thing that kinda took the focus away from vampires was the vampire on the right side with his mouth widest open. to me he reminded me of a cat for some reason, mabe it was the ears... :crazy:
I just been doing pixel art for about 3 months or something and i wear large glasses, so don't take what i say at all seriously.

I really how I get to be a pimp in the game, and kill things that remind me of twilight  :lol:

Looks good, Looking forward to seeing some screen shots with that gun in action  :P


Pixel Art / me gusta prepare to die..
« on: November 29, 2012, 07:14:43 pm »
Well Phlakes, first off. I want to thank you for helping me when i just started out, without you replying to my thread at the start, who knows i might still be uploading spirtes on graph paper.
The fact that you people care about my success is what makes me love this forum even more..

Thank you guys, even you too newGuy it been about a month since you been on but, i want you to know when you ever get on that the link really helped.
K, now on to the issue here. I don't know what everyone is refering to. Are you refering to the run cycle i made of ppd's Jack:

or that i keep using the skeleton of ppd's jack character in all my sprites?
If you are refering to how i made the Jill bonest and how it is pasted over ppd's Jacks body. Hopefully people arn't insinuating it is some sort of guide to steal someone's character and tweek it a bit so you can call it your own. Because that was not my intent i was just trying to show my thought process on how i made the bonnet.
Like I'm totally new to pixel art but the style of character ppd made is what i sorta had in mind when i first was making the game. So i just tried to make that jack sprite do a run cycle because that is the sort of characters i would be doing a run cycle on. So it doesn't really make sence to me to go building a some other sort of character who would have a different run cycle, sure i would learn a bunch and sure i would know more about pixel art but it would not be helpful for me when i want to make this game.
I am not claiming all my sprites are original, i know that the jill spirte running sprite looks almost exactly like ppd's but it isn't. Looking back even referencing his material i still managed to screw up. Like there is pixels there i havn't deleted, stuff like that.
I am trying to make more orginal sprites and i am working on some. But staying on something that is totally "orginal" isn't that fun for me. Like that is mostly what i am trying to do when i am pixeling is just having fun with it. I try not to copy peoples work because that's not fun either. But trying to re-invent the wheel everytime i pixeled got kind of slow since in the end, it looked like crap and i ended up deleteing it. (which looking back was a big mistake)
If it offends ppd that i took his character he made for me and tried to make a run cycle out of it. ill delete the sprites.
Sorry if i offended anyone,  :(


-edit- to ppd: Well this one is pretty much the same as the other ones when he is jumping, hopefully this what you meant XD -edit- shit wrong one just let me switch it -edit-

-edit- k now it the right one ^^ -edit-
i don't get what you mean when you said motion vs change...-edit-

K, just a update on what i currently working on, started candle stick, still need more sources on what kind of flame i should use. But put that on hold and started new project. My online friend hates the me gusta face and is in taekwondo so i thought i could do a funny gif of her kicking the shit out of it. I just started doing her hair but, my gamemaker program does not have very good base color pallete like i don't have brown. Having trouble with hair, found a pixel image for me gusta face. Currently working on hair of the sprite her hair is brownish. Was trying to do it in a ponytail but gave up since all the references were crap. I don't know if this looks like a taekwondo suit. Hopefully it does... So far just getting her to point finger at the ugly face then probibly going for one of those flying kicks then a bunch of punches to face. Wanting to give the face like bruises and scares at the end of it too. But if some one could provide a nice brown color palatte for the hair it would be appreciated. here what i got so far:

-edit- what is happening in the sequence above is just taikwando girl is just pointing to the me gusta face like "im gona kick your ass mother%^&*er" -edit-
does the hair look ok?
Oh and does anyone know how to make like a super long gif files
lately ive just been using sites like this:
i tried using Gimp but first i don't know how it works, and the tutorials i find say you need like this video tab and the verison i got does not have it. So any help would be good. I am definetely going to be using more then 10 images for this gif lol

-edit- K.. well candle stick still never got done. But i started with the giant and kinda turned him into a wizard. I don't know if i made him evil enough anyways Let me know what ya think.

I-edit- tried to start -edit- from scratch this time, but i find i still rely heavily on references, Here is the picture that i referenced alot. If you notice i got the hair style and eye style off this one for my Jill character. But for the giant i mostly referenced the girls top part of the hoodie, since that was what i had the most trouble with. -edit-
-edit- i tried to make him bigger but, every time i tried i kept feeling that he drifted a little too far away from the style i am trying to develop. I am really trying to make him look like the final ultimate evil guy. But when i look at him he just seems like a second teir boss like the boss's wizard or henchman. Trying to use as many triangles as possible in his character design to make him look sharp and dangerous. Hopefully some of this comes across when you see him. Anyways a first impression of this character would really be appreciated. Even if you just joined the forum and know nothing of pixel art, just saying what comes to mind when you see him would be some really good input. That would help me make this character the best he can be. I was thinking on giving him like those gothic wrist bands with spikes, but did not know how i would incorporate them. Or mabe even chains on his wristes with broken pieces of chain hanging off them but if i do this i think i might have to increase the # of pixels i use. Anyways just want your insight since i sorta broke away from the jack skeleton ever so slightly.
-edit- wow i type alot...anyways after showing my roomate i think, ill explain the giant sprite more. The two things on his shoulders are suppose to be spikes. He suppose to have a plate of armor on his chest, yes i tried to make it look like he had a pot belly. Idk if ill change that, still working on story a bit. He got a belt, idk what to do for the legs i was thinking just black. I might add a cape. He just has a hood with armor on top of it. Really what got me off on this whole wizard thing was i kept asking myself how do i want to feel when i see this character, thus the hood, red eyes etc.. -edit-
-edit- oh and the things around the sprite in the end is some bones on the ground and a bag of flour, i kinda hoped it would make me feel like he was more of a giant if i did this i guess... -edit-

  :o ya, pixelpiledriver you really outdid yourself this time. I don't think ill be the only one referencing this  :)
so to you and Final ninja i say

Here is Jill in here a run cycle:

Kinda messing around trying to make it look like she takes a bigger step on her second stride:

K now I'm on to faces, or emotions. If you see any crutial emotion you think im missing please don't be shy to tell me i forgot one or two, or that i don't know what im doing and should cut my wrists, cuz your eyes are bleeding because these sprites are so bad  :crazy: all replys will be appreciated  ;)

Will be posting more updates soon, next on the list is the candle minions.

oh, just for mabe people who are super new like me. this is for those who kinda wanna know how i went about making the bonnet, really the only thing that i've created thus far without a actual pixel reference.  :D also just for me to look back and see how im improving.  :P

as you'll notice i started out as football helment and played around with that forever till i realized that all her hair would get tucked in the back, i then made it super big and began to trim down. Although it does not show in the strip i really played around with those black lines. I had the bow on the head since that was where most of my refrences had the bow but then later decided to put it near the neck. cuz then that gave something that could animate. The colors, i used were just some colors i wanted the character to have, i mostly just followed the shading of ppd character he made for me. But then changed the shading a bit after final ninja gave me some tips.

-edit- If your reading this and are good at pixel art check out Final Ninja sprites and give him the critique i couldn't, thanks :)

Happy pixeling these upcoming holidays everybody!  ;D

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