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First thing we'll need to know is if you are going down the Flash MX route or via Open Source software, then we may be able to help, The library, while working is still in beta as stated on the site, which basically means there is more to do before it is finished, i.e we have not written proper docs for it as the api is evolving regularly, and maintaining these while we are still adding new features would take away time from programming the library, and with 3 possible development environments there would need to be a lot of writing done to ensure anybody can pick up the library and put it together a game.

Having said that I think the source is fairly easy to understand once you understand the com tree, the wiibounce swfs all come ready built and all you realisticly need worry about is looking at the mariotoo demo and modify the html in the root directory to use the name of your app, the demo honestly has all you need to get going with developing a game.

In light of your comments however I will try and put together a small tutorial on using MTASC and SWFMill to create a basic application the free way, if Adam can host it. I have no access to the Flash IDE so I can't help there.

Good luck.


Hi guys, sorry to reply here but I wish to ask a question about this api and couldn't find any forums on AdamAtomics website, is this possible to integrate using just the open source tools or would I need to have flash mx installed for the event dispatcher, i am very interested in creating flash games using the wii remote and learning from the tutorials on this website, but I don't really know how to start with just these tools. Thankyou for your patience.

ps If this is the wrong place to talk about this i appologise, i couldn't find any threads other than this one about this api.

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