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Job offers / Re: [CLOSED] [PAID] Monster sprites for Pokemon like game!
« on: August 03, 2014, 10:33:09 pm »
Just for the record.

We finally found the ideal person to make our graphics and contacted everyone to inform them about our final decision. We also made all the payments and/or asked you for the necessary information to make the payment.

For more questions just contact us...

Job offers / Re: [CLOSED] [PAID] Monster sprites for Pokemon like game!
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:13:48 pm »
sorry if we kept you waiting.
We still not done with the decision on which artists to choose.
The reason we closed this thread (and the others on the other sites) is because we got to many request at once and had to deal with all of them, wait for your samples etc. All this takes time.
by Monday at the latest all of you will get an official answer and of course the people we told to pay for the sample their profit too.

Job offers / [CLOSED] [PAID] Monster sprites for Pokemon like game!
« on: July 24, 2014, 04:20:29 pm »
We are looking for a freelance pixel artist to design monsters for our Pokémon like game.

Payment: 15-20 US Dollar for every sprite. The payment is negotiable.
If you are interestesd send us an email to

The design must fit with the style of the other monsters.
You can take a look at our website (Under Construction)

Hi, i am looking for a pixel artist for a Pokémon like game for iPhone/Android

I need the Monster Sprites. Here u can see some examples …

I can pay 15$ for every sprite. If you are interested contact me

Pixel Art / Re: Old Computer
« on: April 12, 2012, 10:53:57 pm »

I'm not an expert, is just my modest opinion.
I think it looks great, the only thing that doesnt look so great for me is the screen, it looks like there is no screen just an empty hole, maybe some bright would help.

I created a new one

Few things:
• Be careful about adding shades or highlights where you are unsure about where the light is coming from. Always be thinking, "how does the light hit this 3d object?"

• Doubling up outlines looks chunky and doesn't convey as much information as possible.  Remember: each pixel is precious. Do you really need 2 pixels so similar to accomplish what you are going for?
HI! Thx for yout comment!!!

I tried to follow your advice and came to this

But for some reason im not really happy with it :-(

I think you should either do everything in pixel art or everything in vectors, a mix of both has never looked good to me.
What vectors? i did everything in pixel art, the only thing i didnt do for my self are the letters.

Hi, I started a new Project for the iPhone, it is a Pokémon like game, I couldn't find an artist who works with me doing the graphics and creating the monster so i decided to do it my self and this is what i got^^

Thouse are the 3 first monster i created

Here is the main character

This is an ingame screen

and here u can see an image from the battle screen, i think the graphics from the battle screen look horrible so i think i will redo them from scratch.

So thx for your time^^, would love it to get some feedback :D

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