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Job offers / [Paid] Pixel Artist/Animator for Minimalistic RPG
« on: November 26, 2021, 07:29:39 pm »
Hello Pixel Artists, first and foremost, I know a lot of artists look negatively towards NFT's as there is often shady practices surrounding them.  I'd like to say, while we are developing a blockchain based game & NFT - we are a reputable studio of content creators who have collaborated with a lot of major brands and work actively with Epic Games on projects.  Our goal is to create a new kind of experience in the NFT/Blockchain market, and a game that is actually interesting.  We aren't interested in cookie-cutter NFT characters or any such thing.  Our project is inspired by classic style text-RPG's / MUDs and arcade games. 

1) We are paying, just tell us your hourly rate.
2) Open to ALSO including revenue share once we release the game - because the artist deserves additional royalties.

Please post or send over your portfolio and rates! 

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