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General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2015
« on: February 16, 2015, 11:49:36 am »
i understand  that this is hard to hear.

heres a proper mod structure:

a zodiac is 3 promoters, 3 programmers, 3 dreamers and 3 canonists
we need 12 mods on the developer end, those guys should get paid
then 12 more mods on the player end, who work for free - these guys are sergeants but they are essentially deputies.

thats how you have to run it. otherwise a guy like me can come in and wreck it all in 3 days or so

at the moment we're only recruiting canonists fighter-clerics with no central govrnment, paladins, and we need to push dudes into other roles. your new guy is a druid. piledriver is some kinda thiefcatcher wizard. security, but hes on my side unfortunately.  this is very good.

but yeah. i need a thread where i can talk about the zodiac, and it should be the same thread.

otherwise i can easily talk about it somewhere else, but its not as good.

im excited to do the commercial critique thread. i will not abandon the principles of chaos magic. i have to be chaotic neutral, noone else here will. im gonna run grey ops even if i get banned. i prefer it doesnt come to that.

its better if i talk grey ops and chaos in the grey ops and chaos threads and commercial critique in the commercial critique threads

all this stuff is above board, i will call all my shots well in advance. but if i dont run spy games some filthy capitalist will, they are here already

separation of church and state


General Discussion / Re: Cyangmou is a mod now!
« on: February 16, 2015, 09:25:05 am »
shit, how do you get two ks next to each other? my sister likes this shop, kikki k. she tells me its japanese. i tell her it cant be. i dont want to have to tell her i was wrong. dokki dokki  :crazy:

whatever. i'll go talk to her on facebook.

[name] Rundle you were right, it is japanese

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2015
« on: February 16, 2015, 09:07:27 am »
i made myself the devil, we still need jesus. the cult is important. its the way we have always talked to each other. i just want to be a precursor to the newb prophets. its about time we celebrate the new gods. women, neutrals, and ghosts.

i put this last post up on the tiamat thread. crow, i want the mappin thread back. otherwise i will write about it everywhere but there.

d&d is a good game and i recommend it. yeah. too much order not enough chaos. nobody appreciates the old gods. nobody cares about the lizard people, not even the lizards in charge. not the lizard boigoisie. not even the dreaded lizard proletariat.

my d&d >>

but i am the void and i will advocate for anybody. im the devil's advocate. the rundler. a ghost lawyer and not a meat lawyer. i am the dad of dads. i am the beast gnash gnash


505 posts. a pun on the number of the beast.

5 is not quite six. prime instead of square. sinful.
0 is the void. chaos. unwanted.

i am not the true beast but i got chaos inside me. i have learned to be the void. i can play any role. bc i am multiple and i am endless.

i am a humble and gleeful cultist of tiamat.

thanks for playing u guys

General Discussion / Re: Cyangmou is a mod now!
« on: February 16, 2015, 07:50:26 am »
sai- ang - mao in the traditional romanised chinese. my best guess, i this is the same as ai, or the same as ai but with a vowel shift to be more antipodean? where is cyangmou in the world?

me in japanese i would be toki, but um this thead not about me. congrats comrade cyan!

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2015
« on: February 16, 2015, 06:03:24 am »
tbh its the same thing. a sword is a vote but a bunch of stars is a vote of another sort, being helm, you outrank a lot of mods you got more power to do shit around here than i do (though im not sure who holds power here anymore, the rogue samurai system seems kinda weak at quashing rebellion. i dont think we should reunite under a single pixel-god-king or anything i just think we should do more with what we have already ) tbh im an accelerationist not a kingmaker... i dont trust ptoing to be king, none of these dudes. not helm, not tocky, not ilkke, not arachne. so its better than whatever. but we can do a samurais thing but with more friendly samurais. the brush instead of the blade. build bridges

i think i may be advocating for traditional family values again. ill come back later and check to see if im still right.

ok yeah. utilitarianism. communism. friendly communism. guy with nothing to lose and a finger on the nuclear button that returns everything to samurais. basicaly what we have now but i ramble more. more rambling. let me protest the shitty mod policy by being like 5% too shitty about it. then dont ban me. the mods will get better at this. you just need a tocky in to kick the tires on this old girl, its gonna be ship shape. non-commisioned officers. a security specialist. the wolf in the henhouse. doesnt have to be me. also we need a christ figure if we need an antichrist. if im the devil then we need arachne or ilkke or somebody to restore balance. make them come here and do a ramblethread

find the ghosts and bring them back and ask them questions

in short:
-maniak mansion commercial crtique (we already did this! here in the off-topic. just move my posts and helm's into the appropriate subforum. and i will run the thread. i am self-moderating. someone make the preview images, i dont want to )
-more mods i like who are friends of me, tocky
-texts are pixels too, a subforum for text. where its ok to ramble
-stop telling me to go somewhere else, ive done that before and it only makes me more mad
-more chaos less order.

street catholic.

treat arachne, helm, and ilkke as three popes. the trinity.

treat me as a ghost who we must listen to. the devil.

treat me, arachne, helm, and ilkke as the four epistles. more-or-less infallible even though not mods. still banable if we get out of line.

who is jesus? the pixel is jesus.

the father-and-son is hastur. helm.

the virgin (sorry) is arachne.

the holy spirit is ilkke.

actually we're all the holy spirit. ilkke is just the most neutral duder we have. we need him for non-binary ideas. ptoing will listen to helm and ilkke and arachne. maybe even tocky.

then who's jesus? we dont know yet, we havent met him yet.

tocky is only a false jesus. the rundlr.

 i guess ptoing is the current pope. what ptoing says is law/ ptoing said we must care about the c64 and so we have cared about it.

we need 12 mods: 3 helms, 3 arachnes, 3 ilkkes, 3 tockies. strong triads that support themselves. representative democracy.

fire, air, earth, and water. benders from every nation. the zodiac. let each triad have dominion over its own domain. edits for the dwarf people. girls for the elf people. neutrals for the neutral planet. ghosts for the void. chaos.

alex is a tocky. ptoing is a helm.

lets get more girls and neutrals and ghosts back in here we already got dudes to spare. too many helms. we need the cult of eredis to counter the cult of hastur. this completes the trinity, and completes the cult of tiamat. listen to some vaporwave or something. listen to grimes. scrap princess teaches us this.

ill make preview images for manicmaze and the commerical critique of maniac mansion, if noone else wants to. 150 by 65. i give you like three days to sort this out. maybe three hours. im not sure.

shout out to my friend  Clementines for the lizard people stuff. she developed all of the thought technologies for this campaign. i just pushed them.

kitty it, even though it has me blocked, because it represents the cult of eredis and hastur

im matt rundle. thats my name, im very sorry. if i were a batman i would be the riddler
Wouldn't you be the Wayner?

Back on topic. Regardless of this being damage control or not, I'm glad things got resolved efficiently.

you really fucking threw me there. but i see your joke. no.    Pix3M i like this reference a lot.

General Discussion / Re: Cyangmou is a mod now!
« on: February 16, 2015, 02:26:07 am »
oh that guy. i like that guy

General Discussion / Re: Cyangmou is a mod now!
« on: February 16, 2015, 01:17:13 am »
nice. good work, that dude. i dont know who you are

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2015
« on: February 16, 2015, 01:12:46 am »
yeah, or i could do it on some adventure forum somewhere. but i like this audience. and this the off-topic, is the best place to get those mods attention, also, you are one, look at all them fucking stars under your name

those twine guys got twine skills but you guys dont

im definitely gonna post about it, maybe not here. but its time to learn twine. the twine war is over. also: girls like twine

we need to embrace eredis, embrace the vaporwave

500 posts. enough for today.

im matt rundle. thats my name, im very sorry. if i were a batman i would be the riddler

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