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Sorry if inappropriate for this thread, but I wonder what it takes to bend your mind to work in this perspective?
I tried briefly and got brainhurt (OCD!).

If anyone has broken through this wall, perhaps you could share.
Are there some basic principals and rules to follow?
Certain conditions to avoid and suggested workarounds?
If so, it seems appropriate to relate these back to examples from this particular game for the sake of this thread.
Perhaps taking this thinking out of it allows us to ignore the illogic and just paint!

I have been wondering the same, i cant seem to figure out how to break the walls

Commercial Critique / Re: Commercial Critique - Castlevania
« on: October 14, 2020, 07:52:18 am »
I got those graphics. The "gameplay" ones in the animated gif were taken from current memory using FCEUX's PPU viewer.

The very tall image was taken using YYCHR. Because Castlevania is CHR RAM, it is under no obligation to have its graphics byte aligned (or even uncompressed) in the ROM itself, since it writes the proper data to PPU memory at run time.

Your YYCHR GUI might look slightly different, but the arrows/+/- on the right shift where it starts looking for graphics by various amounts. For CHR ROM games it starts at the right place because where CHR ROM is is a feature of the .NES file format.

sorry about bumping this, but just wondering is it still working? i tried the .NES file but it crashes after 30  secs

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