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Updated portfolio with new work.
Open to new work now!

I'm open to new work again!

Did you know that 8290 games were released on Steam in 2019? So if you want your game to stand out with a unique art style, you came to the right place!

I am a good fit if you're going for:
+ Unique and animated characters design
+ Lively characters portraits
+ Cartoony style

I am probably not the best alternative if you want:
- VERY realistic style
- Non-pixelart assets

Who am I:
I'm Stricle and I am a game dev and artist. My art usually centered around unique characters in a cartoony environment.

Here are some examples of my work:

--------My own game: Friends of a Feather--------

Character sprites:



--------Client's project: To Save an Island--------

--------Miscellaneous works--------

My rates are:
12 USD/hour
I make discounts for bigger projects. it can go as low as 10 USD/hour for bigger projects

Let's talk about your project! Send me an email:

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