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Thank you to everyone who contacted me. At this point, I've pretty much determined who I'll be working with.

I'm no longer accepting applications for this project. Thank you for your interest!

Since I'm new to this forum, this post is formatted to match up exactly with what's expected of job offers via the Employment Section Rules.

Company/Person Offering Employment: Drew Byrne, aka myself. I use the username hythrain as my primary online alias. If you wish to verify my identity, feel free to look me up on social media platforms and contact me there to confirm that I did make this post. Considering I'm using my Twitter account as a primary contact point for this project, I'll link that here:

Project Title: This project does not have a title yet. For now, let's just call it Project Trigger

Project description: An 8-bit game styled as a mix-up of original Castlevania, Mega Man and Shadow of the Ninja. The game features three player characters which can be changed at will, where for the first half of the game players will get to choose which stage they do. Completion of stages will garner permanent power-ups for the specific character that defeats the boss of that stage. Throughout each stage are temporary power-ups that can improve a character's fighting capacity. Taking too much damage in a short period of time will result in a loss of these temporary power-ups. Temporary power-ups are also lost upon stage completion during the first half of the game. All three characters feature their own combat styles as well as utilize unique movement skills.

Talent Needed: Pixel artists who can work within some of the limitations found in NES games, primarily in terms of limiting the number of colours per sprite/tile. There are three areas of pixel art to be done:

1. Character sprites
2. Stage tiling/background pixel art
3. UI pixel art

The number of pixel artists being hired is purely dependent on the skill level of those who apply (if one person is able to perform all three with ease, I will only hire one. If there is someone else who can handle a certain area much better than the first, then there will be two. etc).

Payment: Payment per sprite/tile/etc will be what the artist quotes as the payment per sprite/tile/etc. I legitimately do not have a set limit to how high I will go, but as someone who has done pixel art I have a general idea of how long a sprite should take. Payments will be made via Paypal and must be invoiced to me. I won't make payments "to friends/family" as this causes issues when it comes to taxes. Please be sure you include Paypal fees into your rate or you will get less money than you expect (Because fees suck).

Contact: If you are interested in this project, you can send me a message via Twitter (linked above) or, if you lack a Twitter account, a private message here. If you have any questions or want clarification on anything I said here, feel free to reply to the thread and I'll do my best to answer questions.

Additional Notes:

1. This is NOT a project that is going to be done quickly. I'm the only person involved with this project at this time, and I'm relearning programming while also learning Unity in order to build the game. On top of that, I work full time at a night shift job that keeps me busy. Anyone interested needs to be aware that work for this project will be over time and could span from a couple months to a year depending on how quickly I can learn Unity. While some may wonder why I don't finish learning first... well, this gets a little personal but I know myself. I know that without making some financial investments towards the project and having assets building up, I won't feel pushed to keep up on my learning and it will take me far longer. I'd rather not be working on this for 5 years when I could do it in one.

2. Style and quality matters to me, to the point where I'm okay with paying more to work with someone who has a style I prefer. If I was interested in saving money, I would do the sprites myself (I do pixel art on and off, some of which can be seen on my Twitter through my media. However, I can't maintain create the quality or style I want in 8-bit yet and am too impatient to learn).

3. To help with time issues from working nights, I live in the EST timezone. Normal times I will reply are between 10 PM and 10 AM EST.

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