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Good to know about that flicker priority thing. Didn't even notice it before, but most projectiles in Contra flicker by default even when they'd be well within the limits. Also the flickering looks like it's happening at 60fps? I can do transparency effects with that. The only drawback is that it looks bad if you record it at 30fps. You can see in some let's plays sprites disappearing completely for a while when taking damage.

As for the other limitations, there are some bits where I have too many palettes, like currency and skill point drops that are always yellow or blue for convenience and I don't count those to the 4 sprite palette limit. Some games I can't believe how well they've designed around the limit. Like how bullets and drops in megaman are megablue or megafacecolor.

I've been sending a playable build for a few people at different milestones. So if you're interested in trying it out and giving some feedback, you can give some contact info and I'll send a build at the next milestone.

I -kinda- wanna keep going after the NES specs, though not gonna flicker stuff and so forth. Just to keep it from feeling too advanced.

Just a sidenote, it seems you can define priority for the flickering. Like the first boss in Contra seems to have too many colors, but it doesn't flicker even if you spam laser on it with the turret still intact next to you.

I like how the NES palette is forcing me to use colors I normally wouldn't just to make barely functional palettes XD

And yeah,  I really like sick depressing dystopian cyberpunk vibes XD. The story is super duper depressing too, so look forward to that XD. It's gonna have minimal dialog. Gonna do it all by showing instead.

I'm planning to have a sequence in the main menu that you access by waiting long enough. You enter the dream that you're experiencing while in your cryotube thing. Gonna do my best to make it depressing as hell. Think of the megaman intros, but playable.

The main devlog with the general stuff is gonna be at

Here I'll post on some of the harder things I'm wrestling with.
To kick off, I really want this kind of corridor worm thing, but the 8 sprites per scanline thing is sort of limiting.

Maybe have the "face" as a sprite and the body as scrolling tiles.
I'm already cheating a lot, but I'm actually thinking about going through some areas to make sure I cheat less and less.

This is the palette I'm using:

It's something that was posted here ages ago and I've used it ever since :X. Not sure how it was constructed.

The game is going to have a regular wide screen option and a "classic" mode. Enemy spawners and ranges will shorten a bit for classic mode, but most things seem to work pretty good on either mode with the same values. The blue UI icon will need to be player sprite color for classic mode too.



General Discussion / Re: Unpaid art tests: Your thoughts
« on: January 20, 2015, 11:44:21 am »
Naturally if you get hired for what you have in your portfolio, you'll get to draw what you're comfortable with.

Someone offered to do an art test once. I gave a pretty broad assignment to draw something in theme, but pick whatever they think is best for a showcase. I felt it wasn't close enough in style, but offered to pay for spent time on some specific items so I could use those as a base or reference if I decided to put them in a game. Thing is they never replied to my offer and now I feel I can't use those items in a game even if I did them myself from scratch... go figure  :P

But yeah, one can never waste time on art I feel. It always gives something back regardless.

General Discussion / Re: HD Index Painting in Photoshop
« on: April 13, 2014, 08:39:04 pm »
Oh booger, I was so eager to try, but it seems this thing has gotten so much attention you exceeded your bandwidth.

Had a hard time clicking on the Ad. I finally got it but it needed some touch screen slamming.
Browsing the site with your phone or something inside the game? If something's broke this could be very useful information.
We're sort of testing the waters by putting this small game out there to find this kind of things  ;D

Haha awesome.
Why don't u use jump through platforms? Solids kinda slow down the action.
Cool sprites.
Title text probably shouldn't use sky colors imo.
Could use more view of whats coming but would probably make it too easy.
Heh, for some reason the jump through platforms never crossed my mind. Gotta change them if the game gets updated. Also more forward pan when speed increases.

Congrats on the forming of Shark Punch!  I had no idea! It's a shame we never met up while I was living in San Francisco. 
Thanks. Yeah, shame. I'm sure we'll cross paths in the future.

We did this april fools joke.

We needed to do some spring cleaning on our engine and get a breather from our project.

So we actually made the game and released on a tight schedule.

You can get the game for iOS and Android -> store links here ->

We're actually developing a game about heists - you can check for updates on our website or tig-devlog

Feedback on either game is welcome!
Have a bouncy day everyone  :)

General Discussion / Re: GDC Next Week!
« on: March 16, 2014, 07:53:21 am »
I'll be there. We (shark punch) will have a booth for our game "the masterplan". There will be candy and stickers. ;)

2D & 3D / Re: Official OT-Creativity Thread 2
« on: January 16, 2014, 10:16:25 pm »
Finding forms in chaos in between more rigid works:

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