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And animated grass looking bad, so maybe I should leave it static.

In last post I wrote that since the grass animation turned out to be terrible, I will remove it completely. However, this evening I decided to finish the water animation and had an idea for the grass! So I did this short loop:

What do you think about this? Is it ok? The second picture is the same as the first, but with a short pause.

And I could alternate this cycle with a longer one:

As if the flow of a equable wind was intensified by a sudden gust.

Also water animation:

And I looked with a fresh look at the bobbing movement from the previous post - it looks worse than the very first mermaid animation. So I will leave the first option.

Keep it up, man  :crazy:


Ok, I tried bobbing motion as eishiya advised. And now cant decide which option is better:

From left to right:

1. Bobbing
2. Bobbing again, but with short cicle - I just removed half of frames, so hair, tail and water mirror animations are broken
3. Previous option, just for difference

And I'm still trying to create a horizontal movement, as Adam advised.

Also, succubus animation:

And I tryed to animate tree and grass:

What you think, guys? I think option without flying leafs is better. And animated grass looking bad, so maybe I should leave it static.

Everything else looks more outlined and with more contrasting colors than the mermaid. Her shading is way softer and realistic than the other character and the tiles imo.

I still don't see any mismatch in this. For me it all looks quite organic.

The weird thing about the portrait is that it looks more cartoony than the sprites and it's usually the opposite?

I don't know what to say. I just like this combination, and don't see anything weird about it.

In any case, my question was not about the picture as a whole, but about the animation of a mermaid. But thank you for feedback, maybe when I look at picture with fresh eyes I will see weird things. Or maybe not.

When I mentioned the style clash, I was primarily referring to the style difference between the portrait in the text box, not the other sprite - those two match well enough.

Ok, maybe it's style clash to some extent. If we look at portraits and sprites in games, then this kind of difference is quite common. So, I don't see any problem in this, I just like it, both portrait and sprite. :P I don't feel discomfort from a small stylistic difference.

Honestly at first I wanted to make an portrait based on the enlarged head and bust of the succubus sprite. This probably would make the portrait look more like a sprite. But then I decided that the sprite's head looks too sinister, so I drew the portrait from scratch.

In addition, the environment seems to be at a smaller scale and more cartoony than the characters.

This is due to the plot - both characters are giants and much bigger than ordinary people.

Incidentally, since you have the luxury of hiding the mermaid's lower body, you can create that bobbing motion by having her bob in the water rather than from her waist. The artists of old would've probably gone for that, given the opportunity.

Bobbing motion is good idea, thanks! I'll try it as the horisontal movement  suggested by Adam.

I think it looks great but its style clashes with the tiles and the other character's style.

Guess you mean problem with perspective, but not the problem with style. I think both characters and tiles are in one style, so if we remove the armor from the succubus, then there will be the same body as that of a mermaid. But yes, there is a problem with mermaid's perspective, I agree with this.

Her arm and body become shorter by a pixel for some of the frames, it looks off. It's the sort of idle animation you'd see in an 8-bit RPG with tiny sprites, it feels out of place with a more realistic style. The arm also seems to get a pixel thinner in one of the frames.
I think it would look better to keep the body animation sub-pixel and subtle unless you have a particular movement for her to do.

I see, I will try to fix it. And yes, that was what I was guided by - old zelda-like games and other old 8-16 bit games. I think this is quite acceptable for a game that looks like a game from 16-bit console. Many Zelda-like games continued to use such idle animation on 16-bit and more bit consoles. It's something like a nostalgic tradition, so it seems to me that such an approach is quite appropriate.

I guess you were aiming a breathing animation, but now she is breathing very heavily. As she looks like some kind of mermaid or naga, I would suggest a horizontal sway instead of the vertical bounce for an idle animation.

Ok, thanks for feedback, I will try to fix it such way. And you're right, for such a creature swinging in the horisontal direction is also appropriate.
General problem for me that the sprite is too small, therefore shoulder/chest swinging is too intense while she breathing. I know that people on Pixelation like to advice example from "Chrono Trigger" in such cases, but I still don't understand how to use this. So now I have a good reason to try it again.

Hi Pixelation,

I didn't plan to post this work here, but today I received few negative criticism from non-artists (and 2 pixel artists) in my public. So I decided to show the animation here.

Do you think that something is wrong with a mermaid's animation? In truth, I don't have much time to bring the picture to perfection. Although I'm going to clean the dirty pixels later and will fix her ritht shoulder (it leans too far during the movement). So I brought it to the level "now it looks OK", but not to level "now it looks perfect".

Besides, all the picture is pretty large:

...and in conjunction with other details it's too unlikely that anyone will notice anything about mermaid's animation. What do you think? Am I right or better to fix some details?

Pixel Art / Re: Girl idle animation (Zelda-like view, looking for advices)
« on: September 24, 2018, 03:57:23 pm »
That being said, you can make the feet smaller and slimmer (and the hand holding the staff slimmer too) to emphasize she's still delicate underneath all the muscles.

Are you still talking about girl on bottom side? In this case I'll have to rework all the other animations too (where girl looks in other directions and does other movements, like spell casting)! It's too wasteful, I don't have much time for this project! I'm not just drawing pictures, but doing leveldesign too. And also I have 5734L3R! No way!  ;D 

Anyway, thanks for such constructive thoughts, I still will make some changes following your ideas near days.

things I did: changes to the face, some tweaks to her Tracts of Land, slightly rounded-out the top edge of her hips/thighs

Haha, I created a completely the same face on early stage! :P It seemed too creepy and rough, so that's why I made it more round and more younger.

And I tryed larger breast size, but it's too much for me. I like to think that her breasts are in tight corset, so they are somewhat squizzed.

I'm going to strongly disagree with the advice given here to merely emphasize breasts and waist as indicators of femininity for this lady. That's a very limiting view.

I think it will be a good contrast. The main character (I mean girl on bottom) is thin, she is a fragile and young girl. Here is her portrait for dialogs:

And on the contrary, the demoness has curvy, voluptuous forms. She is a mature woman and has seen many things in her life, so it's kind of conflict of generations. I think it's a good way to create characters contrast.

And thanks for jewelry idea, I'll try it for next boss character! 

I think the shoulders are the key thing here. Eriophora's edit is very effective, imho. The wasp waists above were making her look non-humanid to me.

Yeah, I tried to reduce the height of her shoulders by one pixel down as on Eriophora's edit and it helped! So thanks to Eriophora again!  :)

So here is the new pictures:

The first one (the left one) is old version, it's just for comparison. On next one (middle one) I changed the shadow under demoness and made small edits on girl's sprite. In particular I changed the movement of her hand.
On right picture the old shadow and I didn't change the movement of girl's hand.

Also another small fixes on body and hair of demoness. I fixed breasts and dress movement, and  hands of demoness are different on both new pictures. What do you think guys, what better?

Pixel Art / Re: Girl idle animation (Zelda-like view, looking for advices)
« on: September 21, 2018, 07:38:35 am »
Looking now it is not so similar

Well, I think it is look similar :D Maybe I nevertheless used this as reference? But I don't remember anything like that. The only reason why I added this border to make picture look more oldschool.

I'd really like to see an improved version of the characters!
Hi! Thanks for so detailed feedback! And MysteryMeat too!

Okay, I made some fixes to sprite of demoness. I fixed her shoulders and waist, and added movement for the breast.

I didn't add additional frames with a higher framerate to make movements softer, as I promised to    pistachio, because there will be more edits. So I will have to do it on final stage.

And I tried to fix the girl, but it didn't come off this time. Too small space for me (even if it's not so for "Chrono Trigger" artists) or maybe I'm too stupid now because of the course of tranquilizers. So I'll postpone it until the day my brains think better.

And no need to apologize, it's very valuable to me. Even if I can't make all the fixes  now, I'll come back to this later.

Pixel Art / Re: Girl idle animation (Zelda-like view, looking for advices)
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:43:31 pm »
Nitpicking comment (nothing else to say, you know it is great): there is a bit of overlap on the lower left particle effect of the hovering female, it is being rendered over the stone pedestal, while her shadow is projected on the floor tile behind, so the particle should probably go behind as well :)

Aw, now I see it too! Thanks!

Edit: are the frame ornaments a Ys reference?

Nope. Can you show it, please?

Pixel Art / Re: Girl idle animation (Zelda-like view, looking for advices)
« on: September 17, 2018, 04:22:44 pm »
Looks fine to me, Most of the time any motion is better than no motion. try giving the hair more interaction with the wind. I'd also try giving the grass tiles some movement.

Thanks for the idea! I definitely should try this.  :)

Looks like first pass (rough animation) so far. Sure this could be fixed.

Not really. I didn't plan to improve animation, because supposed that it's okay.  :) So this is the reason why I showed this work here, I just need an outside view (i'm not sure that it's right words, I mean your fresh look).
Well, okay, then I should improve it. Guess that such impression is due to the slow framerate (it's 0,2 second now). And because of what the animation looks a twitchy. So I think more frames with 0,1 sec framerate can improve it.

IE, timing of ease-in and ease-out could be refined, hair, legs and breasts could follow the main movement of torso (follow-through), sneak some subpixels in there as well if you know that. I also wanna see the hair blowing around more but that depends on visual direction.
Ok, I'll try it!

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