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I've put a prototype online: It works in Opera and Firefox, and demonstrates a walkabout. I'm working towards GUI stuff like a tile editor. :)

Hey thanks for the link!  I'm trying to figure out how big the market for this is; so this helps.

Technology is Canvas and javascript.  But more specifically, I've got a prototype engine that runs a bytecode.   All of the game graphics, code, maps, sprites and animations, are delivered as a single game-rom.  This game-rom is broken into blocks, and each block can hold one type of thing.

The server knows about the block format.  So it is easy for the server to list the contents of the game.  You'd be able to drag and drop things from the community's shared asset library.    Everything you drag into your game gets imported. Everything you drag to the library becomes a shared asset.  In theory the community website  would have discussion threads, like buttons, ratings, categorization, 1-click import button, etc for each shared asset.

Collaboration:  I'm still thinking this over. But so far I imagine the project would show a time line containing all versions of your game-rom.  The project would also have a private discussion area, and private asset library.    People would work off the mainline version.  Simultaneous edits would create a fork; the projects maintainer would have to export the assets of one fork, and reimport them in the other.


I plan to form an online community around making SNES-style RPGs,
but only if people find the concept appealing.

   * An SNES style rpg looks like this:
     (basically, he is making a game, with his own story and characters).

By "community", I mean a lot more than a forum, but I'll get into that. Please read over the
idea and ask yourself if any of it would appeal to you. Everything is hypothetical (and therefore changeable). If you hate the idea, please let me know now before I invest a lot of time.


I can make an RPG builder that works in your browser. It would let you paint scenes, plop down your characters and
bring your stories to life.  Your game is playable from a web browser. You could share it on facebook, email it to
friends, or post it on a forum.

Groups of people could work together to produce a game; some would write, others would pitch in with the art and programming.
The community website would help you find groups to contribute too.

Members can share plot outlines, locations and characters. Shared things would be showcased for discussion and you can grab a copy of these things to put into your own game world.

Facebook integration would keep jerks out. You'd actually know the people you're working with (not just their online nickname), and you can easily share your cool game with your friends on facebook.

All of it free. The games you produce would also be free to play. The site would be ad-supported.


Would something like this appeal to you?

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