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General Discussion / Re: Stepping back as a mod
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:37:45 pm »
Pixelation has been a place of learning, for as long as I have been here.

Exactly because it is an art community, I personally feel all ways of thinking should be allowed to a certain extend in my opinion, as long as everyone has an idea that some borders exist.

In chats people are always talking more openly than in forums and discussions sometimes can get out of hand.

Considering myself as an artist I draw the borders for a community as wide as possible for everyone, considering that they believe in the core idea they are welcome for me.

Some people are more on a side of the political spectrum, some even show their believes off openly, I couldn't care less.
Some people are offended by slight sexist jokes, others don't even raise a brow with heavy stuff.
It doesn't matter to me as long as peaceful coexistence is possible.

Also if those political and religious discussions are going on in an area dedicated for where effectively nobody sees it, unless they explicitly want to partake, not much harm is done in my opinion

I let you have your own opinion, your standpoints, and your way.

I am just stepping back.

I am stepping back because I don't need to threaten a community which is based on a forum by saying if I don't get my way I will destroy huge parts of that forum.
Like deleting all my posts which I gave in with consent of my free will at each time of posting to the community.
If I'd delete those not only my posts would vanish but also all discussions and a whole lot of featured threads would get utterly unusable.

You can use that cannon as you want and point it at anyone you want, it's your good right.

Just don't expect from me any more time or energy.
You can build and restructure this forum the way you want and you can do for the community what I did the last years to the best of your intentions.

General Discussion / Stepping back as a mod
« on: August 10, 2018, 03:07:16 pm »
For me Pixelation always was a about the craft and the art, not about politics.

For me it always was irrelevant which politic believes someone held and it also never interfered with what I was interested in -  the craft of the art and the preservation of knowledge. Also the safety for freelance artists and the business practices and games.

All I did I here as mod during the last 4 years I did in order to keep the knowledge as complete and accessible as possible for every member of the community (this includes members of every nation, skincolor and every background).

I can‘t tolerate to discuss with someone who aims a loaded cannon at me, with a very different view on how politicized Pixelation is.
And the outcome is in every case, even the best one, an annihilation of parts of the collected community knowledge and the remnants of the comm.

I am someone who thinks that knowledge, craft and interest in arts actually is more important than a personal standpoint of a very ideas and perspectives.
If I am getting forced to take a side, I will stand atill and say: for me the only thing of importance has been the craft, is the craft and I don't think that will change.

Now Pixelation has changed hands, but no information on it is available for me, I was poorly informed and Crow told me that chats are going on to which I wasn‘t invited either.

At this point it feels like I am left out.

The work I did for the comm feels also granted by the individuals who left this place long time ago stopped posting. They also haven‘t and didn't want to be in touch with the last parts of the active community here.

Now after stepping back in action, to put politics over crafts and just see only two sides – "their own" and "the enemy".

I neither can overlook the way this happened nor what the points of interest of the main discussions were.

My personal points of interest and Pixelation‘s obviously don‘t align anymore

That‘s why I step back and lay down my work as mod.

Collected knowledge of stuff I actually cared deeply about and had so far time to write down.

All of this has been released via my Twitter / DA
You also find a visual preview of everything released in order in this tutorial specific gallery:
normal DA & Twitter (just for links sake):

A few people recently asked to post these things here, that happens right now
(I am not sure I I will keep it active though, so stand as of now is 01.07.2018)

Before you jump into the action:
-Please check out the links, there are comments, answers, credits, further links etc. (Would take too much time to rewrite all of that here)
-Some of the old stuff - 2013 and earlier probably isn't really accurate in it's terminology (especially the topdown "perspective" construction should rather be topdown projection)
-The red haired teacher which appaears since 2018 is named Creya, probably you know her.

Aside from that happy reading.

A point about Pixelart (2017)

Basic Tips for Pixelart (2018)

Resolution Increases Quadratically (2018)

Bigger palettes Increase  Production Time: (2018)

Polish Levels (2017)

Basic Tiling (2014)

Pixel Art Process (2013)

Step By Step Rock  (2016)

Step by Step Stone Column (2016)

Process – Monorail column (2016)

Process – Herald Angel (2016)

Outlines & Shapes (2017)

„Anatomy“ of Pixel Art – a guide to shapes (2017)

Readability (2018)

CRT / TFT difference (cynically overdrawn) (2017)

Analysis – Fire Emblem 7 / 8 (2017)

Generalized Pros and Cons for different Projections (2018)

Projection Consistency (2017)

How To post Pixelart on Twitter (2018)

Most common screen resolutions: (2017)

4:3 to 16:9 changes: (2017)

Sonic the hedgehow & widescreen: (2017)

Series-Conventions can prevent good design (2017)

Camera / Readability: (2017)

Sprite size Decisions for „Metroidvanias“ (2017)

Texture consistency (2017)

Game perspectives (2012)

The 3D effect (2012)

Simple Crate Tut (2012)

Cylinders and Cuboids (2012)

Animation Quality (2017)

Animation Interpolation (2017)

Animation: GBA Fire Emblem Archer 1/3 (2017)

Animation: GBA  Fire Emblem Archer 2/3 (2017)

Animation: GBA Fire Emblem Archer 3/3 (2017)

Animation: GBA Fire Emblem Archer Rework: (2017)

Observations on the SoM Remake (2018)

Graphical Design – Legend of Zelda: (2017)

Graphical Design in Castlevania: (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 1 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 2 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 3 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 4 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 5 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 6 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 7 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 8 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 9 of 10 (2018)

Graphical Design in Castlevania 2 – Part 10 of 10 (2018)

Learning Skills: (2018)

The „Mirror Effect“ (2018)

Business Risk Minimization (2018)

General Discussion / Re: How would I gauge paid work values?
« on: May 21, 2018, 06:40:23 am »
Projects usually got budgets and different quality needs to be fulfilled.
And artists got very individual styles and rates and what money gets you is very differently, bc one artist might be super quick at one task, but slow at another.
Best is to approach artists whose style/stuff you like with a very specific offer.

You can say to an artist "i got amount x to spend on the task, is it possible, do you have time?"
Of course if it's per asset base you need to know exactly what you need beforehand which is quite some work to write down.
Also if you say you pay amount x for a "tileset" but don't specify the complexity it cannot be judged by the artist.

So if you work within a certain budget you need to make the graphical specs, (monetary) restrictions, desired quality and payment clear beforehand.

With this approach and the answers you get, you usually can find out if someone is interested or not in doing it.
If you don't get any answers at all after a longer period, probably your expectations are to high for what you offer.

Pixel Art / Re: Disparate measures - Cave Tiles
« on: May 13, 2018, 06:40:56 am »
second one feels much more natural, yes.

Pixel Art / Re: Disparate measures - Cave Tiles
« on: May 12, 2018, 08:45:46 am »
the ceiling rocks feel compare dto the bottom rocks very stylized and graphical.
Probably it's better to stick to one similar style for ceiling and bottom, considering if it's a wet cave (looks moist bc. of the waterfalls) that stalactites will propably form. This means you should have the same forms as on the ground but some of them should ease into stalactites.

General Discussion / Re: Finding the right tool
« on: April 22, 2018, 11:23:01 pm »
I encountered the issues on dual/triple screen setups.

General Discussion / Re: Finding the right tool
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:16:31 pm »
Just tried with latest version, Win 10 and Intuos Pro. No apparent issues.

Do you use single screen or dual screen / triple screen?

General Discussion / Re: Finding the right tool
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:26:56 am »
No regarding myself it's certainly not the function. Bc I know that it works if I switch to mouse, but doesn't work with tablet, completely unrelated if it's switched on or not.

General Discussion / Re: Finding the right tool
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:01:52 pm »
It has to do with you drawing with a tablet - because pyxel edit doesn't really support tablets it's unusable with them.
It's in fact the one major issue I have with PE which I think makes it unusable as professional tool.

What I recommend highly is Aseprite.

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