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Job offers / Re: [Paid] Sprites, items, tiles for HTML5 fantasy game
« on: April 04, 2012, 04:20:15 pm »
Hi. Is this filled? Sounds like a fun project. Aside from Skype, do you use any other e-mail or messengers, as I am not partial to it? Send me a PM if you'd rather not disclose.

I'm still evaluating the candidates. Sent you a PM. You can contact me at matteo at cubiq dot org (you can find it on my site

The project is an HTML5 game (meaning that it will be playable inside the web browser) but it will also be converted to mobile devices and tablets. The game logic is pretty original and I can't go deeper in details here on the forum. I'm looking for a person with a strong and personal style.

This will be a fantasy game, the characters and the tiles are from side view like a platform game (but this is not a
platform). I need all the sprites for the main characters (~10) and lots of monsters (even though many are just color or equipment variations), items and tiles for the environments all of them being "indoor" (ie: there won't be forest or mountains but just dungeons, caves, castle rooms, and so on). The animations for each character are very limited, just "walking", "fighting" and very few others (*no* jump, duck, climb, ...).

The human/fighter should be 60px height at 1:1 scale. The game will need 3 zoom levels. The game will be mostly played at zoom x2, but it will be just a scaled version of the 1:1 version (so the fighter will be 120px height with a pixel unit of 2x2). This way with 1 sprite I can handle all the zoom levels I need. I also need a 0.5 scale that of course will loose a lot of details, but it's not a big issue as this zoom level is just a "panorama view" needed to move around in the game map. Here you can see what I mean (the game won't be star trek based of course). Hope all of this makes sense.

I'm not looking for a cuddly-tiny-weeny-puffy-funny style, but I encourage smart humor. I like the very low details graphics of Sword and Sorcery or like or the Star Trek screen I've posted above (sorry for the lameness, it's done by me with very little pixel art skills). But this is just a general indication, I want you to express your own style.

I'm in the initial dev phase and I need to budget the graphics so I'd like to receive your quotes and portfolios. I don't have a fixed budget but open to invest the $15/h to $50/h suggested in the forum rules.

The very first step might be to make a few animation drafts so I can test the game engine and we can tune up the overall look and feel. I'm willing to pay this phase in advance, the other assets will be paid in small steps as soon as they are ready.


General Discussion / Re: Advice/suggestion on mech game
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:50:41 am »
Thanks for your reply. We are now working on the codebase, in a couple of weeks we will be posting a job offer. We are still experimenting, we've found a nice way to build 3d cities in pure HTML5 and evaluating if this is a viable solution. In that case we would need textures more than tiles.

General Discussion / Advice/suggestion on mech game
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:22:08 pm »
Hi everyone,
I've been lurking pixelation for days and I'm amazed by the quality of most of the art you guys produce. I'm an indie game developer with an idea I think worth spending my time. I have a clear idea of the game mechanics, but I have some troubles understanding the amount of time/effort needed for the visuals/graphics. I hope you are willing to give me some suggestions.

The game is browser-based, no flash, pure HTML5, so I can't use many fancy effects. The game field is seen from above, cell/sprite size should be between 32x32 and 48x48 (but I'm open to suggestions here). The locations are futuristic cities, ruined cities, industries and maybe a bit of rocks/trees (and everything the artist could think of). Mechs of course have to walk around the map on the roads, and maybe destroy some small buildings and walls. The size of the map (or better: "arena") is not huge. Each map will be a different scenario, so I think a minimum of 4 tiles sets are needed (2 cities, 1 ruins, 1 rocks/woods, ...). How many different tiles per map do you think are needed to have a nice and diversified scenario? What would be the time/money required?  ???

Also, I'll have a "hangar view" where mechs need to be shown from the front, at a higher resolution (well, at least higher size). I'd really like it in pixel-art, but I don't know if I'm just tilting at windmills and maybe a pre-rendered 3d scenario (even low-poly+pixel textures) would be just easier/faster/safer. I'd be grateful if you could give me your opinion and suggestions on this matter.

Of course when project starts, I'll need your [paid] help  ;D

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