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Job offers / [PAID] Animated STREAM ENDING SOON/Game Over Scene needed
« on: November 06, 2019, 07:25:24 pm »
Hi friends,

I'm looking for a static/lightly animated "Stream Ending Soon" scene to use for my Twitch Stream.

My logo is an 80's/Miami styled T-Rex with sunglasses that I made myself:

My friend threw together a custom theme song (:56 in length) that you can jam here:

I have a couple of ideas but would be open to artist input.

Would love to include a pixel/video game style-ed version of my t-rex with sunglasses.

Could be a boss scene, similar to side scrolling fighting games or street fighter styled, insert coin - game over type thing

Have a silly idea of a static, lightly animated t-rex chewing and eating a dinosaur corpse with lightly animated volcano in the background and a comet that comes down and explodes at the end with a "thanks for watching" message at the end.

And again, would be open to artist interpretation and input on this. Ideally I'd like to maintain some of that retro/southern florida color scheme/vibe with whatever we do. Less fantasy RPG styled animation, more SNES blocky animation.

As a small business owner, I know everyone needs to get paid. Happy to discuss hourly or project rates that work for you.

Ultimately, I'd like someone to do a full fledged, highly animated intro in the same style, but we can cross that bridge once we get there and start with the Stream Ending Soon scene.

If you're interested or feel like your style might match the vibe, please drop links below and lets get a conversation started!

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