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Job offers / [CLOSED][PAID] Sidescroller Backgrounds for Demo 500$
« on: February 26, 2021, 08:48:58 am »
Hi everyone, thank you so much for applying!
   We were once again completely taken back by the breadth of talent on this site.
   We are currently closing our applications for this particular job, should you simply want to make your talent known to us please do still reach out.

Hi everyone!
 This is Oliver from MilkBubblesgames.
 I came to pixelation around a year and a half ago looking for a pixel character artist who we have since thrived with and I couldn't be more aware of the sheer scope of talent here.
  MilkBubbles is a partnership located internationally with a base in Limassol, Cyprus.
  The specific work I'm looking to give out here involves developing background art and some tiles for our new sidescroller game, with these levels set in an Ancient Greek context.
  This work is currently limited to the scope of our demo, with the two levels and their tiles totaling 500$ worth of work.
  However, if we do like your work please be aware we may want to hire you for the project's entirety. Which will involve plenty of levels.

  The artist would need to be able to show a keen eye for ambiance and present a unique colour tone. Please submit any previous work for me to peruse! These can be presented below in the form of external links or sent to our email:

  What worked best last time, and what I will repeat this time around, is that I will be looking through everyone's submissions and then commissioning sections of smaller art from several candidates before moving forward with one. I appreciate and value everyone's time and no one will be producing 'free' art.

  If you feel a bit uncertain about the project given the detail presented please do not worry as this will be amended when I reach out for trial commissions.

  Kind regards

Hi! My name is Oliver Georgallis and I represent a developing Tycoon Game loosely based around the University Experience,
 The project's current name is 'Uni Dev Tycoon', yet this is merely a working title.

  The project is a retro-styled University tycoon game, the exact details of which have yet to be full decided upon and my investors have yet to allow me to disclose.

  For the purposes of this post, we are seeking an eager Pixel Artist who is willing to take on this relatively bulky project of producing three hundred charming human characters in any size from 16 bit to 128 bit. These may possess any level of realism, as long as they showcase character and can be distinguished.

 As the project is rather large I shall be responding to portfolios with instructions for a mock character I would like produced.
 This mock character will be an opportunity for us to discuss back and forth about the overall design of the character and alterations that would make all three hundred similar yet uniquely charming. As we may not agree on art styles and we may not hire you for the project, there will be a 15$ Payment for the mock character as a gesture of good will.
This is as I respect your time and would be grateful for any mock characters I have you produce.

  Overall the job will pay 3000$ and will be paid in portions.

  I may be contacted personally on ' ' for any inquiries please feel free to contact me.
   I hope to speak to you soon, have a pleasant day.


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