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I am developing a mobile game targeted at a female audience. I need an artist to develop 4-5 panes of concept art that will convey the look and feel of the game. Each of the panes should help me visualize the surroundings of a mother with a 1-3 yr old toddler, the clothes they wear, the furniture / walls of the house, etc as they perform regular tasks. I am looking for a simple and warm visual theme. I will be running this process in following steps:

1. Message me a link to your portfolio

2. If I like the portfolio, I will let you know. After my confirmation you can submit the concept art. You can also ask me any questions to better develop the artwork at this stage

3. I will pay USD 15 per artist upon receipt of artwork I have requested. You can submit multiple alternatives if you wish to. The payment will be made through PayPal

There may be more work down the line to develop the assets if the game goes beyond the concept stage. We can discuss the financial terms of developing the assets later if it comes to that.

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