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Pixel Art / Re: Autumn - C64 Picture
« on: July 30, 2013, 08:23:13 pm »

Wonder what you did with that house,

He fixed the perspective so that it's consistent with the rest (as the previous posts indicated).

I think I still like my house better.

Please note that his is only a quick'n'dirty edit to show you the concept. If Helm wanted to redraw the house properly, the difference with your house would have been just as striking as the difference between the men.
I hope you don't take this as offensive, but it's necessary that you start understanding your limitations: as I've already told you multiple times, the "I'm already good" attitude keeps your wings tied.

Since you are willing to make other modifications, let me suggest a few other things:
 * the drainpipe is totally flat: you need to change its shading to make it look round;
 * the bird at the bottom left corner is the only element with outlines: ditch them;
 * the bird on the right is almost invisible due to poor color contrast: play with colors;
 * the animals (most notably the dog) are all in 1 color: I know the the MC limitations make it hard, but try to give them some depth by adding a hue or two.


Thanks for the great edit.
But I must say I find the symmetrical positions of the limbs weird: knowing you, it has to be intentional, but I wouldn't want that to teach jsl the wrong way to draw walkcycles :D On the other hand, given that the dog is peeing (jsl, never seen a dog doing that in the middle of nowhere: conceptually I'd remove it, but it ends up being the strong point of the piece), the man isn't supposed to be walking, so the pose is slightly confusing.
(Sorry for nitpicking, but it's for jsl ;))

Pixel Art / Re: Autumn - C64 Picture
« on: July 27, 2013, 06:44:36 pm »
I want to name it "FINAL", you must know, make the trees smaller, adding other sort of tiles, removing the house and make a new house, fix the shadows when I even think they're quite allright, all this stuff to do........What I want to say is, why doing heaps of work, and when the picture hits CSDb, then the Sceners just vote a 3, and a 5, and more 1's. And comment that it is just another dull picture by JSL, and it's crap. Getting an overall score of 5. And we just continue to the next pixel work which gets uploaded. It is, they don't like JSL. Like said, doing heaps of work on this picture just results in bad comments, bad downvotes, etc. - Just see when I upload it. I think doing the things to this picture, isn't worth it. When it hits CSDb, it will be another crap
picture like I am delivering all the time.

Man, do you care about the glory or do you deeply wish to get better? Do you have a passion for pixelling or for votes? If it's the former, then the answer to "why doing all that work" has already been given: to get better. If you get better, your pictures will get better (and votes will follow.) But that requires hard work. Or do you think that Michelangelo, or Beethoven, or Einstein, or Michael Jordan, you name it, were that good by luck? You can be sure that those people sweated blood to reach those levels (and never stopped doing it). And they did it because they had sheer passion for what they were doing.

Pixel Art / Re: Autumn - C64 Picture
« on: July 27, 2013, 04:08:35 pm »

On top of what Anarkhya rightfully said, let me add that, on the other hand, ignoring or refusing to understand critique does no good to the piece (because the flaws remain), to the artist (because he doesn't learn and improve) and to future pieces (people won't feel like dedicating their time to somebody who has not paid due attention to the suggestions given on previous occasions).

Now, back to the piece...
Maybe it's a language barrier problem, but please read again thoroughly what has been told you.

About perspective: what you did to the house slightly improved things, but did not fix them. Roughly, the house follows a rather extreme perspective, the rest a milder one. You can choose to either fix the perspective of the tiles and trees (by changing their spacing/sizes), or that of the house - I personally believe that it's much easier and better-resulting to change the perspective of the house (it should never reach a perfectly horizontal level).
By the way, no matter what you change, the vertical sides of the tiles can't be perfectly vertical (but must follow the vanishing lines as indicated by Helm's traces) and their height needs some tweaking fixing anyway.

About the shadows: it's not just those of the trees, but all of them. Their sizes and directions are not consistent.

About the trees: the barks are mostly in their own shadow, so they can't have those highlights and bright areas.

Additionally, other things have been said (and some unsaid, but that's another story ;)): they are all in the previous posts for you to consider.

Why everything must be perfect.

Because if you don't strive for perfection you'll never become great (and probably won't even get any better).
And don't expect it to reach it any soon and, actually, don't expect it to reach it at all: we're humans, and we'll never be perfect. But that's good news, because it means that there will always be something you can get better at.

Even I don't know if it was good to join Pixelation, everything to push further
and further while I think it is Final, you guys know the difference, that some
things must be perfect.

You can call it final anytime you want, but if you don't fix the flaws that have been pointed out, it will remain flawed. Please, again, read carefully what has been told you and, if something is not clear, ask.

Pixel Art / Re: Autumn - C64 Picture
« on: July 26, 2013, 04:52:16 pm »
JSL, from your PM I understand that you're a bit confused. Let me make a little recap of what's been said above  ;)

Perspective: it is off and you started fixing it by modifying the house (:y:); however, some major things remain to be fixed: the tiles (their direction has to follow the traces indicated by Helm and their distance must be redefined better, as conceptually indicated by the railroad) and the trees (their distance and size should reduce progressively).
Personal addition: the slanted lines you used for the house suggest a rather extreme perspective, which is not followed by the rest; I'd rather change the perspective of the house than all the rest.

Shadows: they need to be oriented and resized consistently (and I'd also rework the shading of the trees, because, given the direction of the light, they're mostly in shadow).

Leaves: their distribution is too regular: collect them close to the posts and the roots, and make them more sparse elsewhere.

P.S.: the horizontal line traced by Helm only indicates the horizon implied by the perspective of the house: it didn't mean that the picture should be cut there.

Pixel Art / Re: Autumn - C64 Picture
« on: July 25, 2013, 06:20:41 pm »
JSL, well done again for posting here :y:

Let me add one comment about the shadows. They suffer from a problem similar to the perspective of objects: they're not consistent neither direction-wise, nor length-wise:

(length issues not indicated)

Also, you have a strange thing going on with the house shadow: it's restricted to the low grass.

I'm glad that you managed to convey the "solidity" of the tree trunks: that's the way to go! (But the shading needs to be more consistent with the light source: at the moment you have highlights and bright sides in zones where there should be shadow.)

Pixel Art / Re: Pixelart for a RPG game
« on: July 19, 2013, 04:49:33 pm »
Your darkmere picture isn't showing up for me, though.

I must admit I've been lazy: hot-linked it :P
Uploaded it somewhere else now.

Pixel Art / Re: Pixelart for a RPG game
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:35:16 pm »
This looks nice and has lots of potential. Despite many differences, it vaguely reminds me of Darkmere:


However, to me it is very difficult to read the perspective, due to the similarity in hues, pattern and brightness of floors and walls. This extra-sloppy color edit shows what I mean by just lowering a bit the brightness of the floors (thus increasing the contrast with the walls):

(EDIT: just realized I forgot to touch up that corner at the bottom, but anyways... :P)

(Also, notice how in Darkmere the problem has been solved by using totally different materials.)

hey there,

My name is Johan, also known under JSL in c64-scene. Someone from Italy gave me the link to Pixelation, and adds to it that I could get help with pixeling. Alltough I do pixel since a long time on the c64. For examples, on Commodore 64 pixelworks, or even drawings, visit my dA at and checkout my Gallery. ;)

Johan aka JSL/role/tropyx/creators/swo magazine/sos

Welcome, jsl!
That someone was me and I'm glad you joined! Although I rarely have time to visit this wonderful place, here it's full of much more knowledgeable and skilled people who can give you tons of precious advices.
How about posting the picture you're working on at the moment and let it go through the "pixelation process" before releasing it? ;)


what I mean is that the picture seems to be made of hundreds on tiles (of different sizes and shapes) which don't border/overlap seamlessly.
Here are a few (but there are tens/hundreds more):

Marevellous, a joy to look at :y:

However, there are some strange glitches...

Edit: just noticed lots of more tiling going on in the rightmost grass/bushes area.

The palette is cool and I think the low-contrast is intended to give the brightness flood feel, but still, maybe, increasing the contrast might be worth trying...

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