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Pixel Art / [WIP]Arm Coloring
« on: September 20, 2008, 04:41:02 am »

What I got so far, I looked up a few images on google and got that, I know it's not 100% correct anatomical wise and coloring but Im posting on here cause I need some tips or suggestions on what I can do to improve it.

Thanks all!

General Discussion / Pixel Outlines?
« on: March 05, 2008, 01:33:46 am »
Is there a thread for pixel outlines or premade sprites that you can color in?

Pixel Art / [WIP] Avatar
« on: February 26, 2008, 01:40:43 am »

This is my first time doing this type of coloring and I need help on highlights and possibly further shading spots. Edits are welcome.


I completely redid the colors and went for a simple smooth look.

General Discussion / Can someone help me.
« on: February 25, 2008, 04:31:54 am »
Ok, I've gone through countless pixels of really good pixelers and I don't seem to understand the concept of hue's and mixing colors. For example :

Amazing piece by Indigo, how did he know which colors to use that make it blend so well? I know he's a very well expirienced pixeler but could someone tell me or redirect me to some color tutorials that show how to blend colors like these? 



Another great pixeler is Tremulant, I think his work is amazing. The color scheme's are just simply beautiful.

« on: October 22, 2006, 04:08:36 am »

This is probably my best so far!! I made a video on it its in the Video Thread in General.
Im gonna re-make this and add a bit more texture and detail to it but CNC so far.

General Discussion / What got you into Pixel Art?
« on: October 22, 2006, 02:22:22 am »

I was thinking a while back how some of you great artists got into such a hobby. (A good way of saying such a hobby)
I'll start us off.
A while back a friend of mine started did pixel art. His stuff was pretty good but it didn't really get my into it. But a while back I made a large muscle piece and a great great friend of mine Indigo did an amazing edit that had me going into all sorts of art. From anatomy, to shading, to drawing and coloring. Up to date I still look back at it and stare.
He really is the cause why Im into this stupendous hobby and I'd like to thank him for it!! :y: :y:

Pixel Art / [WIP] Knight Warrior
« on: October 21, 2006, 07:05:29 am »

I was doodling with the pencil tool and I came up with this. This was more of an anatomy study to me. No refrence pic, im thinking of leaving it as a sketch in black and white. What do yall think?


Finished the body.

Feel free to color edit whatever. ;)

Pixel Art / [WIP] The Beast
« on: October 19, 2006, 06:01:24 pm »

The names retarded but its the first thing that popped up. I got this one off the Lineart thread, I wanted to focus more on my colors this time and I think I made a nice pallete. Only 7 colors and I added more muscle defenition.

General Discussion / How?!?!
« on: October 12, 2006, 01:24:55 am »
Ok, I've seriously looked over many tutorials and not one covers what I need to know.
How do you mix and find colors that seriously fit in so well.

For example these two pieces. On the top, how do you konw what colors blend good with the purples blues and yellows, and on the bottom. The detail in the jeans and skin tones. It all blends in so well and there colors I would never even think of using. Someone please take the time to let me know cause I really need to know this.

Pixel Art / Arm Atanomical Figurine
« on: October 12, 2006, 01:15:40 am »


I kindof quit pixel art for a while and I just got back in.
I was more worried on the shading then the actual anatomy it self.
CNC is welcome o! :y:

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