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General Discussion / How to price a tile set for a project?
« on: February 27, 2019, 10:48:04 pm »
I am making a city/colony management game and I need isometric buildings. This is a hobby project, I'm not in a rush, and I can't afford professional rates. Is it usual to pay by the individual building or for a set of N buildings? About how much should it be per building? Let's estimate that it requires about 100 buildings at least.

I am working on a colony management game and I have isometric rendering working but I am using the tile set from an old game called Outpost (1994 / Sierra) that is pretty dated and I need UI and new art for the private buildings that would grow in each zone (typically industrial/commercial/residential), as well as public services buildings that the player builds to support the colony (such as mines, utilities, administrative). As long as buildings within a group have a consistent style where the type can be visually identified by the player, I'm open to mixing different art styles. One that caught my eye is futuristic, colorful, and high contrast 'cyberpunk' style like this: . Games that would be good to look for ideas are SimCity 4k, the SimMars mod for it, the LucasArts game Afterlife, and SimCity 2000 (last 2 have the 'classic' 2:1 aspect ratio I'm looking for).

This is a hobby project, but I am hoping to eventually distribute on a platform like Steam/GoG/Humble Bundle. If that happens, I am prepared to give the artist 50% of net sales revenues for their contribution.

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