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Devlogs & Projects / New Amiga game
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:50:59 am »
Greetings, so i'm mostly just gauging interest here to see if anyone would be willing to create pixel art for a old school Amiga game. I'm currently working on a turn-based RPG that will be released for the original Amiga systems. It should run on all models (with at least 1MB RAM) A500/A1200/CD32. It won't support the AGA chipset (256 color palette) which means the art is limited to 32 colors (picked from a total of 4096 color values). The target full screen size is 320x256 (NTSC not supported). Coupled with the limited memory footprint, it offers quite a challenge and every byte counts.

The project is mostly a labor of love and I don't see it making much money (it's such a niche market). But there is a small and growing scene of people making games for the Amiga in 2019. Coco banana, worthy, heroes of gorluth etc have all had commercial releases. If you enjoy a challenge and retro computers then this might interest you. And if any money is made i'm willing to make it a even split.

I'm using AMOS to build the game, and apparently AMOS 2 for modern computers is in the works by the original author (Francois lionet). It will be able to interpret old Amiga AMOS source code which means it would probably be trivial to port the game to modern systems as well.

The art style I envision is something akin to that of the bitmap brothers (gods, chaos engine, speedball etc). That might be a tall order since they made some of the finest art back in the day. I'm really quite open though because my skills are in coding, not making art. Nobody wants to see my programmer's art, trust me.

As for the game itself, it's kind of a mix between the might & magic and bard's tale series. You have a party of 4 characters and move around a world map tile-by-tile from screen-to-screen (no scrolling). Occasionally you will get encounters and fight enemies. Some tiles can trigger other types of encounters as well, like quests or talking to NPCs. Some tiles are cities which allow you to enter shops, drink in taverns and hear gossip etc. Your characters will gain levels and improved stats in traditional RPG fashion. The storyline is very loosely defined right now and needs more work.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Feel free to e-mail me if interested or if you have any questions. Cheerio!

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