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Job offers / [PAID] Looking for a pixel artist for a RPG game
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:41:51 am »

As I was looking for a place to hire a pixel artist for my game, I came across this wonderful community. I'm working on a modern-style RPG game (with adult themes!), and I'm looking for a talented pixel artist, who can (mainly) create background assets. Some examples: plane, shop, festival stands, amusement park attractions etc.

The game is being created using the RPG Maker (MV) engine, so having experience with RPG Maker is a plus.

Here's a sample of the pixel art style I'm looking for: (it's mainly the standard Rpg Maker tileset)

This is a piecework. You need to be available to start right away, and willing to sign a NDA. More details will be provided privately.

Please post your sample work in your responses.

I look forward to the replies.



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