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I am a screenwriter who wrote and will now produce a pixel animated scene for scene spoof version of the hit film TOP GUN.

Most scenes play out with the same action but a slight twist, usually with different dialogue, but same core elements. Closer to the original than something like Hot Shots, for example, so having a copy of the film itself would prove an invaluable asset for mining... assets.

This one should be pretty easy to estimate your time for. You will have a full 100 page script to work from, and depending on timing 2-3 of lead cast's dialogue, with me approximating voices and sound effects on raw audio to get the timing for the rest of the parts--eg you will have a 100 page script with full beats and a 100 minute audio recording to animate to.

Here is a rough approximation of how the pixel art should look in my mind - although I'm open to higher/lower grain, and keen to see an example of your animated pixel art if available.

Basically I would need you to deliver 100 minutes of 4k animated pixel art based on the film Top Gun with some novel elements. Please PM me with a quote.

You can view the full script here. Cheers!

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