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General Discussion / Here comes a new challenger! - I'm New!
« on: January 20, 2019, 08:20:59 am »
Hello Pixelation!

My name is Shramper, and it's a crime I haven't come here sooner.

I'm gunning for game development as an artist and designer, spent about 4 years working primarily in 2D (raster and vector), both creating and animating assets for game jams, local indie studios, and many personal projects. It's been a tough time, but no one said making games was easy (unless you're that udemy unity dude from those ads).

I've been playing with pixels for years. It's been the only art medium I can transfer into engine and be satisfied with the outcome. Maybe as a game dev working with pixel art (from a historical context), it looks more natural and charming when interacted with on screen. I never had the luxury to grow up as a kid during the golden years of mario and sonic, yet I'm super drawn to the style and I don't believe I'll stop playing with it. Seeing a character I created and moved with the press of a button lights a fire in my heart, and I'd imagine a few of you maybe feel the same way!

I'm going to try and be more active in this community, get some feedback for my work and improve it, do some networking possibly, but most importantly find some inspiration and motivation. I only ask for your honesty and support!



Pixel Art / Wolf Idle and Run Cycle - Critiques Welcome!
« on: January 20, 2019, 07:52:53 am »

Just a wolf idle and walk cycle I made for a game I'm working on with a friend. Would love an opinion!

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