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Pixel Art / Mockup Concoction - Character Creation
« on: August 04, 2006, 03:01:13 am »
Lately I find that I suck at making characters. I've been trying to make mockups, and I can do the tiling for the most part, but I fail when it comes time to make a main character that actually has character. Before I get too wordy, I'll show some things.

This is my most recent, and probably most succesful attempt, save for the drabness of it all. Never got around to any displays of any kind, because I couldn't get down a character I liked. The foxlike blob on the right was my attempt, I was trying to run with the same general shape for every character in game, but turns out that that's a bad idea.
(Things I know: Not enough scenery, characters are bland. )

An earlier attempt at tiling that died even sooner, again because I realised I did not have a character to match, nor could I think of one. It's a scratched project with all kinds of exciting errors. Don't bother tellin' me what they are, I probably already know. Maybe.

Seeing as how I failed on the character aspect before, I tried to draw up some concepts FIRST, and work off those. The problem with that is I cannot draw a character with character, for it always turns out being just an animal without any personality behind it. You'll have to ignore the random sketch in the middle, I'm not a fan of wasting my precious sketchbook paper and often draw over previous things. I'm also stubborn and refuse to draw in pencil, for some peculiar reason. I'm all about the sharpies.

And just for the hell of it, a couple random sketches I've done in the past that COULD sort of be characters maybe somehow. Not really.

Yes. I've been trying for a week or so to make a simple platformer mockup. I'd love help from some of you to help me make one, because I cannot yet do it myself, 'cause I get incredibly frustrated and give up, basically. So do tell, ye mockupers, how do you concoct these lively characters of yours? How do you start your mockups, what do you do first, how much planning have you done before you touch your computer? I'd love to know, 'cause I'd love to improve. Please, oh please, help me.

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