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I'm calling this done!


I feel there are things I could and should've done differently, but I can't figure it out by myself. Please know that I will probably not touch this again in a while, but please do critique whatever comes to mind, even as far as composition! Edits, paintovers, anything goes - I will take it all in and I will try to learn. <3

Pixel Art / Birthday present for pietepiet
« on: December 10, 2009, 09:28:59 pm »
Yeah well yeah he totally had a birthday and I was in the mood to draw a girlie so I did. I think it's accidentally 16 colors, but transparency making it 17 in the end.

"hello Jad, the forum has a zoom function, you should know as a mod"

"yeah I know except too many browsers at the moment with shitty shit resizing and blur crap, so there you go"

also yes, I'm more or less finished with this one and this is no showcase board but.. Man what can I say. With the activity at its current ok-but-not-very-burning-hot state and us 'old guys' 'never' posting anything, what can I say. Let's post some stuff and discuss it! Every piece posted is an entry point for discussion about TEH ARTS OF PIXEL and a new thing to study and learn from for the newbies, which might SUBCONSCIOUSLY improve the other pieces of pixel art we see around here. I know that's worked for me, just lurking and watching stuff I liked here has taught me LOTS.

Something particular you want to point out about this? Does my shading work overall? I don't know! I'm no arne when it comes to shading. I like these colors and low-contrast shading and no-outline shenanigans but goddamnit people I know you all have different ideals and some of them might be applicable on my picture. So let's opinion.

One-liners, whether derogatory or ass-patting will be BALEETED by the me, so better write nothing in that case!


Pixel Art / Justice Time!
« on: August 27, 2007, 08:22:23 pm »
Got inspired by ben2theedge and his Scott Pilgrim sprites and decided to make a little something myself. Making fighting sprites of comic characters is cool, so I decided to do:

Jacob/Jake from the comic "Jacob Jericho and the Baseball Bat of Justice"

Sound familiar? Not? (Jericho, you're not supposed to answer this rhetorical question) Well, that's because it exists only in my head.

I'm searching for ideas so I can realize it, but basically it's about a guy who by chance gets his hands on a baseball bat that can

And this is the result :D The name Jacob Jericho is something I chose so it'd sound cool even if Jericho on the board has the full right to interpret it as a shameless wink/flirtation and instantly marry me since she draws poops with ' v '-faces.

Critique aweigh, as usual I'm kinda inefficent with my pixel techniques. 16 colors including bg color. Dissect and tell me where the smelly parts is :3

Pixel Art / Zaban- FIGHTA JAD
« on: January 29, 2007, 03:44:38 pm »

Ya, this is the character that became of my nickname (which I came up with myself :\) after wanting an alter ego.

Lately, Jad and me have become separated whereas he some years ago were my alter-ego in my mind and roleplays on the intarnetz.

Which is why my real nickname now is Jäd. Yeah. Err, I make no sense. Just skip this. @ A@

Anyways, I made this since I wanted to participate in the kind of spriters tournament but then I kind of lost interest. Found it now and thought I'd post it, since it might get critique that will help me in my struggle to become a "Competent Pixel Pusher" as all kids wanna be when they grow up.

Yeah. So please. Give me critique. Strike me down. This crap is pixelled with such a lot of different styles and absent-mindedness that the only thing I know I'm content with is the look of it as a whole and the face.

So yar, kritikqwe plis.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Animated Lazer Splosion! It Explodes!
« on: November 24, 2006, 02:35:14 am »
YES! The wonderful splosion critique that all of you gave Lelle and his explosion inspired me greatly. I had been thinking about pixelling an explosion for a while now but now I finally got to it.

If the colours make you want to puke, wait until you see the final game 0:< "NEON NIGHTS", that's a name for a game just begging to be filled with NEON colours, amirite? Anyways this is supposed to be some kind of high-tech laser-y grenade explosion so hence the colours. If a laser-y grenade doesn't make sense to you, I'd be willing to guess that Disco Afro-armed Mechas doesn't either u _ u

No, really, colours will (might) be toned down eventually, and new shades will be added.

Only the first six frames are really done (and the sixth has two bright yellow pixels that shouldn't be there :0), the rest is a rough sketch. But I figured it's worth posting since the core of the animation is done.

(and yes, I love the ba-DAM flash effect of metal slug .. Cave Story has it too :] Oh, and the game will feature prominently dark backgrounds. Yus. )

KILL IT with your wonderful critique! If you have something to say, go ahead :>

Edit before even posting:
Eugh, that purple colour really hurts. Well well, I figure I'll be going to bed right now anyway.

Oh, whoops, look what nifty stuff GG could do :D

Here, have a sprite sheet!

(tad bit nicer colours there too  ^-^)

Pixel Art / A mock-up is growing. WIP. [-> A boy is running! WIP.]
« on: November 16, 2006, 10:47:32 pm »

Ba-dinng! I figured I'd post the beginning of this mock-up I made. I just realized that the light source is off between the rocks and the incussion in the middle so I figure i'll just flip it. But please do CnC and edit away. Yay.

This is for a Zelda 2-style metroidvania game that I will make in a hundred years. It is also my first BG art like evarr. So go easy on me. Not. :P

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