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Pixel Art / [Feedback] [C+C] Characters for a NES-style platformer
« on: December 23, 2018, 06:48:02 pm »
Hello everyone !

I am quite new in pixel art and I am currently making a small NES style platformer. These are the 2 main characters for the game in various versions, seen from both sides. If possible I would like some critique and suggestions on them, and the preferred versions ( if any ) of them.



Below is some general info about the setting, influences, artistic direction and key issues I have with my current versions.


It is a game mainly in a sci-fi setting with a bit of fantasy. In particular exploration of sci-fi ruins.


The art style started with being similar to Castlevania and Bloodstained ( girl legs are very similar to Miriam's from Bloodstained ) and then took a slight RPG form.

Artistic Direction

The guy goes for a more free spirited and a bit wild but dependable feeling.

The girl goes for a flowery visual form and a sweet but dynamic feeling.

The colors are restricted to NES ones, as are in the NES NTSC Aseprite Palette. I kept a darker background than the recommended 50% gray since the characters will be in settings with dark background and medium lighting foreground. 3 colors per character and sprite size at most 24x40. Dithering is not preferred but I am open to suggestions.


Guy : I've fiddled with him for a while but a lot of parts have a rougher feeling than I would like. Also I wonder if I should give him more width to match a bit more with the girl's width.

Girl : I am mainly wondering if her stance feels awkward.

Both : Do they feel as a team and partners visually ?

Thank you for your time !

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