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Job offers / [Paid] Need a pixel artist to make characters of my game
« on: January 25, 2019, 05:36:28 pm »
Hello everyone (i'm french and i'm sixteen sorry if i have a bad english :)) I need a pixel artist to make the seven character of my first game, it's a Fantasy JRPG. the seven characters have two different apparence, first  apparence for the map and the second in the fight. For exemple in the map they will be small like the octopath traveler characters or the pokemon trainer and when the fight will begin they will be like the sprite of anime characters ( i don't know if you undertood  :) ) But only 5 of the seven characters need the two apparence, the two others need only the first. For the first apparence i need only the 4 walk animation and for the second i will give you personaly the attacks. About the method of payment i prefer pay someone by hours and  pay only by western union (sorry but my paypal account don'y work :() If you are interssted comment

or send me email in

Unpaid Work / [SERIOUS] loking for a pixel artist to create a game
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:23:47 am »
hello everyone i need help to create a game. (i'm french sorry if  I have a bad accent) my friend and me we are making a video game and we have the draws of the character but we dont' have the money to pay a pixel artist because we have sixteen years hold and in paris it's hard to find a job because  adults do not trust young people and they want older people with experience. my friend and me we searched someone who could help us  since five mounth and nobody help us. If you want information of the game i will explain you. The game is a rpg in a fantasy universe and for the game e have seven character but the seven character are not a problem because i already have the drawings

if you are interested contact me on my email
thanks for reading

General Discussion / question about the price ( it's only a question)
« on: November 30, 2018, 08:42:59 pm »
hello everybody  :) (sorry if i have a bad english i'm french  :) ) i have a question, generaly how many is the price to make a character for a video  game and his mooves ( attacks, magic attacs, ect) because i need  to make seven character for my game but i don't now how many is the price plese answer me

thanks o read this ;D

hello everybody :) (i'm sorry if i have a bad english, i'm french) Actualy i lokking for a pixel artist to help me to make seven characters and their mooves like, walk, run, weapon attacks,magic atatacks, guard position, and victory animation but one charcter of the seven has only need walk in 4 direction. The seven character are being drawn i have actualy the drawings of all characters if you want see send me a mail in this e-mail

thanks to read this  :)

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