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General Discussion / CLADUN X2
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:26:09 pm »
So I acquired this delightful game a few days ago and I was immediately struck with the feeling that it might be appreciated here.. but then the forums were missing so I'm posting about this now!

it's for psp. you get to replace the character art and the art for prettymuch all the equipment, also it's an excellent action-rpg dungeoncrawler.

It's possible to share your files with others too, which is really cool. Anyone already playing this?

Project blog here

I guess this is my first official actual post here. Hope I don't screw it up!
So ive always been a papercraft guy, and low-res 3d graphix obviously lend a lot to papercraft. Making this connection while lurking here lead me to try my hand at designing my own legitimate papercraft. So super-thanks to you dudes.

Project Goal: My preffered papercrafts are either HUGE AND WEARABLE •example example • or ABSURDLY SMALL •(these guys are about a cm tall) • so naturally, I plan on making something tiny.
                            My goal for this project is an easily constructed, versatile, humanoid, and most importantly, customizable model about 2 inches tall, and then accessories and such. On a personal level this is an attempt to meet my craving to collect warhammer figures and kawaii anime figures with a cost-friendly alternative (free). The end result (if I dont get bored, which is likely) will be a fleshed-out tabletop battle system. In the event that other people might take interest in this, (lord help us) it should be relatively easy for them to begin customizing their own Littleroller figures, with pre-made accessories and such, or from scratch. (littleroller is the name i came up with just now. somebody tell me if its already taken.)

First prototype;
My first attempt was modeled in wings3d. I tried keeping construct-ability in mind, while avoiding the body/torso conventions of stuff like this • lazy torso srsly • i also knew i definitely wanted some kind curve on the corners of the face, as simple models ALWAYS seem to lack that.

so I went through a nice little fetch-quest to find a reliable way of unfolding it for printing and ended up switching to sketchup7 (mac user)
I printed and built it larger than the goal size, to test it out.

• Making each piece a closed structure is a bitch to construct. those last few tabs complicate things.
• arms look crappy.
• legs are too complex to make any smaller than the test size, especially with the fact that it's a closed structure.
• ears may be too small.
• texturing horizontal lines across angled surfaces like the legs is easy to screw up on.

second prototype : applying what I learned I went back to sketchup and made an entirely new body. this time adding a neck joint so the head is pose-able/removable. also lowered the number of constructable pieces from 6 to just 3.

Built it smaller this time, closer to what i originally planned.

•SO MUCH EASIER TO CONSTRUCT. every piece had a nice opening, including one added to the bottom of the head, which otherwise was unchanged.
•less folding = faster construction = tubes good.
•cylinder= easier to make horizontal lines = tubes good
•might have to make the body bigger/head smaller, but this has it's charm.
•flat-pieces for the arms is easy, but I think small tube-pieces might suit my purposes better.
•ears might be too big, but works adorably if It's a monkey.
•gotta remember to make the hole in the bottom of the head the right size XD

If any of you pros have any pointers/suggestions/requests for accessories or characters (im gonna try making a miku to get peoples attention after i get the base down) be sure to let me know! that's why i posted this! If you want to berate me for being a weaboo fag and dirtying the forum you could do that too..

•••••• update! march 8

3rd prototype :
as you can see.. or kind-of see, (the pictures suck) I put a little elbow grease into making this one look more finished. It now stands at exactly 2 inches, my originally planned size, and I added a cute monkey tail which actually helps balance the model also changed the arms.


•Just one millimeter smaller seems to add an extra hour of construction time. I may go back to test 2's scale.
• have to tinker with the shoulders of the arm pieces a bit but otherwise, they suit my purposes perfectly.
•still seriously debating If i should change the body size.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• march 15 SUPER UPDATE

4rth draft! ;
I think I now have a definite final model! Now I can finally get to the fun stuff. I also borrowed a decent camera from my girlfriend. everything is turning out pretty awesome.

Heres the updated the rosie-alpha model

Note that the head was actually stepped on and effectively crushed before I took this picture. also my 2nd draft torso was accidentally submerged in water and dried out without losing it's for at all. I am pretty happy with the durability of these models! :D

Rather than gluing every piece together I have decided to have separate pieces that fit together. This not only makes construction easier (no closed structures) but also means you can customize them on the fly. (this will fit in with the game I have planned) Further advantages include being able to customize individual parts of the model without feeling pressured to alter the rest of it as well. (like if you only want to make heads, or hand accessories you don't have to look at the torso. This is mostly for me because I am THAT fickle.)

Here is the new Cass head, and all I had to do to test it out was trade it with the Rosie head.

And here is the cass head with the outfit portion of the mech costume im putting together. (im aware of how low the texture looks, ive already tweaked it)

I'll be releasing the actual blueprints to make these soon (with some basic instructions) I just gotta clean them up!

Update March 16;

taking in advice from 7321551 I have successfully made a more aesthetically pleasing AND easier-to-construct design for the arms. It's just a tube with one end folded over and pinched. I'm a retard for not thinking of it sooner.

Also I believe the additions I have made on the cass-head have made quite a difference.

(that's the un-modified outfit piece btw, don't worry i fixed it.)

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