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I am looking for a Pixel Artist that is extremely familiar with Asian Horror (The Grudge, the Ring, Kairo, One Missed Call and so on) to work for a commercial game project.

I would need the pixel artist to be able to:
  • Create pixel art pieces that are around 70 x 70 ish size. Perspective is Axonometric / Top Down RPG.
  • Can animate horror pieces. If you are familiar with Asian horror, you know exactly what I mean. Contorting poses being an example.
  • Can follow style guides and instructions.
  • Can update weekly on progress.
  • Can submit works at a reasonable amount of time. Nothing like 1 piece per month or every 6 months...
Please give me a gallery/portfolio of animated works. If you can show pieces that can showcase some uncanny effect that would help me a lot.

We can discuss the rates on private message or mail me at Payment is via Paypal and USD.

Cheers and Thank you!

Job offers / [Paid] Looking for a pixel artist to create wireframe/templates
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:07:05 pm »

Good day,

I need a pixel artist that is experienced with the top down perspective that the RPG Maker series use and is used to High Res Pixel Art. I do not accept handdrawn/vector digital art for this job.

What I require is something similar to this.

- The grid size is 48x48
- I need someone to create Basic templates/wireframes that has the correct perspective and size to match a sprite we will provide in private.

It might seem silly that I need help with this but there had been too many times that it has tripped us over and with our exceedingly busy lives, I would like to outsource creating these blocks for us to use as a base to make everything remain "in perspective"

My contact information is libravitra at googlemail. I am willing to pay up to 50 USD (including Paypal Fees) for this since I feel that this isn't that complex of a job. But if you feel that isn't correct then we can negotiate a price. Paypal only. Please send me your portfolio. It must contain topdown RPG mockups similar to RPG Maker perspective.

Thank you :)

Pixel Art / [WIP]Starry Tiles
« on: June 25, 2011, 03:29:02 am »
Hello guys, I'm trying to make a tiles with a very large influence of starshapes in it, so far this is what I have, grass is still not yet done. The guys there are just for height reference. Unfortunately, I'm really bad with Tiles because of lack of experience, can someone give me advice on how to shade the tree? I think there's a huge misunderstanding going here so I'll clear it up! English isn't really my first language so forgive me for not being direct. What I wanted help on was how should I do the base shading for the leaves? I'm really, really, realllly stuck there.


Older Variation:

Pixel Art / [WIP]Terra
« on: February 10, 2010, 09:03:15 am »
Hello~ I've been lurking around pixelation for a while now but I haven't post XD
I figured I might learn a lot of stuff in this place so I wanted to try posting a WIP! Please be gentle with me :(

I am stuck on how to shade it overall. But I wonder if it's ok to post here?
Here's my Reference~

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