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Hello, my name is Dusk (pseudonym) and Ethan (real name). I have been working many years in game development, graphic design, digital media and audio production. While the majority of my time is spent designing 32bit JRpg style pixel art, specifically large tilesets for my game Landra, I am well versed in many other fields, and have all of the skills to complete a game from scratch, with abilities in pixel art, level design, UI design, programming, storyline, and also a huge amount of skill in audio production such as mixing, mastering, composition, with the ability to compose large orchestral works. I have uploaded some images from my game Landra below. I am a diligent, hard working, cheerful and reasonable person, who can work for long periods at a time (8+ hours a day) finishing the task I have set out to do. If I am of interest, please contact me by email or through private message on the forum. Thank-you.



Rate: Reasonable: 25USD + and negotiable.

Programs I can work with: Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Game Maker, Cubase

Languages I can work in: GML, Java, C++

32 Bit JRPG style Pixel Artist (and much more) Available Immediately

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