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Pixel Art / (WIP) Critique/feedback for a hobby game project
« on: April 11, 2020, 04:32:19 pm »
Hi. :)

I'd like to get some feedback for game art I'm currently working on.
How do you like the art style and what do you think needs improvement?

I'm restricted to the Endesga32 color palette.
First Image (In-Game):

Additional question: Just by looking at the picture - do you understand what's going on & what the game is about? My intention is to describe and teach the player the basics through the art without reading text boxes etc.

Second Image (Menus / UI):

Additional question: What do you think about the layout?
- It's planned to have the main menu static on the left side & additional windows will open on the right side (animated).
- In the actual game there will be just one option marked with red frames in the Options menu. The others are there to show how they should look like.

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