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Pixel Art / A Wizard with a fireball
« on: March 23, 2010, 01:44:17 am »
I've been working on this wizard sprite. With a lot of help from the lovely chaps in #pixelation I have something much better to show for it :)

The first sprite I did on my own. It looks a bit crap.

So I took it, got rid of the hood and replaced it with a hat, gave him a bit more depth and reworked it a bit. It still looks a bit flat though, and that dithering on the fireball sucks.

A couple guys in IRC did their own renditions and I modified it some more to make it look a bit better. This time I gave him shoulder thingies, and a proper ring of firey death. I even drew a staff, incase I felt like him being a wizard with a staff.

There's a few more tweaks here, I worked on the hat a little, and finished off the staff.

The last(and latest image) i've got is this one, I decided to ditch the staff and add a ring to the fireball to make it look less "spermlike"

this was completed over the course of the day in MS Paint, black and white, drawn with mouse.
comments/modifications welcomed :)

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