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Job offers / [PAID] "Cyber" page header/footer for a magazine
« on: June 10, 2019, 11:55:16 pm »

We need a "cyber" looking page header and footer for article page for a deeply technical IT/electronics magazine called Paged Out!
(you might also remember this post)

Payment: $30/h, PayPal only
If interested please reach out to: (links to portfolios welcomed)

All the details (scroll down for context and technical details):

We plan to hire several artists for 1 hour to think about ideas and do a very rough sketch.
Then we plan to hire one or two artists to work on their idea (up to 10 hours).

  • Selecting initial artists: we'll be looking at portfolios as they come in, and hire artists for the rough sketches before June 18
  • Rough sketch deadline: June 22 (we'll select the final artists on June 23)
  • Final work: July 5


Hey folks,

I'm making a new free experimental technical "from community for community" magazine, and well, we're looking for authors.
The first issue is going to be out in ~2 months, and I (due to my personal preferences, I don't deny) would love to read a couple of articles about drawing pixel art in various styles / for various platforms. I imagine there are a lot of interesting technical details unknown to most when preparing pixel art (especially for older 8-bit platforms).
But I can't really write them as I have approximately zero skills and knowledge in this area (I have an account on this forum mainly because I hired an artist or two from here), which leads me back to the original point about looking for authors :).

Anyway, all the details about the zine, the concept, etc can be found at, but I'll mention a few main points:
  • It's a free zine, so we're not able to pay for articles :(. I hope this will change some day in the future and we get the zine to be self sustaining, but for now these are just dreams and plans (see the licencing options / FAQ for details).
  • Since this really is an experimental zine, it has a pretty specific format: each article is limited to exactly 1 page, but the author has (almost) full control of the layout.
  • Actually if someone wants to showcase their art and write a couple of words about it that might work as an article as well. There is a thin line here between an "advertisement" and an "article", so it would have to be well executed, but well, it still might be an option.
If you have any questions let me know :)


UPDATE: This posting is now closed.
Thank you for sending us your portfolios - we received over a dozen! (way more than we expected)
Each and every portfolio we reviewed was amazing, but in the end we only have funds for hiring one artist :(
We'll contact everyone with our decision shortly.


We're a e-sports-like team that is organizing a tournament (some details in the doc linked below). We're looking for an artist to make pixelart fantasy/dragon-themed decorations for our tournament website (optionally: the whole tournament website layout if one likes HTML/CSS).

Some more details on what we need:

We're thinking $30/h paid with paypal/wire/whatever, but if you're portfolio blows us out of the water we're happy to negotiate :)

The tournament qualification round is late September, so ideally the deadline would be around mid Sept (earlier if possible).

For more details please ask here, via private message on the forum, or my e-mail:

Some last minute remarks:
- This is a one-of request for creating art, not a full-time job.
- Please note we're not a company, more like a group of individuals with some funds secured for art.


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