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Be the evil and destroy everything!

Instead of fighting against the giant monster, become the big bad monster itself!
Gigapocalypse put you in the shoes of powerful creature called Gigas,
enjoy the heavy metal song, see them pixel art destroyed, and be bad!

The first act, The First Primeval, told the story of Gigas that comes from the unwritten prehistoric world.

Ro'Gath the RageZilla
Godzilla-inspired tank Giga that using his sharp claw for a close threat and lazer beam to evaporise enemies from a far.

Azurath the Shivering
Glass cannon Giga that able to summon blizzard and relies on her summon to left her unharm.

DoomTerra the mountain giant
Heavy melee warrior that smash any enemy who got near, accompanied by Elvenian warrior that able to heal DoomTerra.

Steam link page : Gigapocalypse on Steam
Discord : Gigapocalypse on Discord
Demo Will be available soon on Steam, and Early Access planned for Q3 2021.

The first playground!
Filled with armed soldier, drone, and some giant surprise.
The best friendly neighourhood, is it?

Ever wonder how does the cowboy deal with menacing monster?

Path of destruction will not complete without a cute evil companion!

Tamagotchi feature
Even the baddest monster need to rest, take care of them and decor the home.

Aside from coolness, skins also uniquely affect the Gigas.

Hey, I'm Goody, nice to meet you!
This is a passionate project of mine that have been in development for almost a year.
I got heavily inspired by retro game Rampage and the memory when I was a child, building a cardboard town, mimicking as a giant monster, and trampling on it 

The game still in development, looking forward for more Act, more Giga, stages and more features.
I will do my best to update the news twice or more every week, since I'm easily got lost in the development cycle, hope you understand.
I hope you find the game interesting, wishlist it on Steam would help me a lot!
Thank you for reading the thread, and let me know if you had any questions, feedback, or anything
Have a nice days!   

Welcome to the WIP Shield of Wyvern,
A turn-based tactical RPG that focus on building the best elite knight team and journey through the Behemoth world to realize that the world is in a bigger threat.

◊ Wyvern Knight

Player will take role on choosing the Wyvern knight that scattered through the region, with their unique abilites, and synergy towards each other, to making the best team combination.
There are 18 Wyvern knight available, that separated into 5 different clan;
  • Silverhand - Royal knight that focus on withstand damage
  • Arcana - Spellcaster that turn the tides of the battlefield
  • Shadow - Nimble dark assassin specialize at slaying opponent
  • Hellion - Chaotic warrior that specialized on all around skill
  • Woodland - Nature warrior able to support and dealing damage at the same time
Each clan have passive power that stacked when they're selected, for example : having 4 Silverhand on the team will boost the team damage reduction by 40% (10% each)
Each knight have 3 skills and four equipment slot (head,body,legs,acc)
There are 5 main stat;
  • Strength : physical damage and armor
  • Wisdom : magic damage and maximum mana
  • Vitality : health
  • Agility : turn speed and dodge chance
  • Luck : critical and dodge chance
Upon leveling up, knight will be given a stat and skill point, where player can have the freedom to building their own version of the knight.

Turn-based RPG

In the battlefield, player will be fight against various enemy group combination, such as; Mushroom team, Bandit party, and other.
Each character can do 1 action (attack/skill) and 1 move per turn, except Wyvern knight can do another Special skill.

Wyvern knight will fill their special bar everytime they attacking an enemy, Special skill can be used when the special bar is full,
summoning the Wyvern wrath into the battlefield.

Every hit taken will refill the stun bar, that will leave the character stunned, taking more damage and unable to evade incoming attack for few turns.

World exploration

Your journey, your choice.
The world separated into 3 distinctive area, Gloomy woods, Highpeak mountain, and Sun barrens.
Player will be able to choose which region they want to start their journey, and the next region after completed it.
The story and end results will be the same, but the variations and challenges will be different in different choice.

Each location in the map are consists of grid formation when explored;

Player will moving from grid to grid, revealing what's beneath it one at the time, from a monster to fight, a treasure chest to collect, or an exit ladder.
Player will be able to exit the area anytime, thus acquiring the treasure chest , eventhough finding exit ladder is a must to unlock the next location.
Recovery items only can be use at this state, so it's important to heal the knight in exploration mode before opening next grid with the possibility of encountering an enemy.
Losing in the fight will make the player lose all the collected treasure chest.

Additional feature and coming soon

  • Storyline - Simple yet engaging story, resolve the issues on Behemoth world
  • Monster Den - Acquire rare monster egg and use them to fight in the party
  • Contracts - Dispatch mission, escort mission, item finder, and bounty hunter
  • Rare item - plenty of common and rare equipment
  • Weather - Affect the battlefield


Thank you for reading this, really mean a lot for me!
The game still on the works, eventhough there's a lot of works still need to be done, I'll really appreciated if you shared the words.
I'll be very excited if you join the newly fresh Discord server for the game, be the first to test, review, or give me your critical feedback.
See you on the next weekly update!

Devlogs & Projects / My first TD game on PlayStore!
« on: February 07, 2020, 02:40:45 am »
Heyo guys,
I'm here to share my first small game that I released on Play Store.
A Slime Hut is a simple hut management mixed with tower defense genre.
The premises is simple, taking care of your garden, catch monster and use them to repel the evil slime.

The free version is available at your browser:

While the Play Store version have an additonal bonus monster, comes with a small price tag.

It's not the best game, but it's a start for me.
Thank you for reading this, any feedback and support is really appreciated!

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