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Job offers / [Closed] 6 Sci-Fi Animal Pilot portraits.
« on: July 09, 2018, 06:47:22 pm »
Hello, I am working on a card game that is being entered in a board game contest (GenCant

I wasn't sure I'd have a functional game done by the due date, but I do, so I'm hoping to place in some nice pixel art.

The bad news is the art would be due to be submitted tomorrow night.

What I need right now is the following Bounty Hunter portraits.

-For look/feel I'd use Starfox 2 as a guide (but please do it in your style.)

-16-bit style.
-Each character should look like they are in a cockpit, so some minor lighting effects may be necessary to convey that.
-Each portrait should be 50px by 50px
-I can pay $25 per portrait.

  • An Orangutang Bounty Hunter
  • A Walrus Bounty Hunter
  • A Raccoon Bounty Hunter
  • A Koala Bounty Hunter
  • A Fox Bounty Hunter
  • A Cyborg Rhino Bounty Hunter

Also, if you think you can get it done in time, I need a larger logo for the game "Odder's Run" with an image of the main character (an anthropomorphic otter.) in a cockpit. This would be a larger image, we can negotiate a rate for that if you think it would be done.

For speed's sake, if you could e-mail me your portfolio and confirm you are OK with the ridiculous deadline (I sincerely apologize) here:

Thanks for your time.

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